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Kosair Children’s Hospital Research Institute


Paul N. Epstein, Ph.D.

Children's Foundation Chair for Pediatric Research,
Interim Director, Kosair Children's 
Hospital Research Institute 
Department of Pediatrics 
Distinguished University Scholar


Welcome! The Kosair Children's Hospital Research Institute's mission is to improve children's health, development and well being through high quality research. The vision is to become internationally recognized as a leader in pediatric biomedical research. A not-for-profit organization within the University of Louisville Department of Pediatrics, the Kosair Children's Hospital Research Institute (KCHRI) was established in 1999 as part of a Kentucky statewide initiative to promote research and scholarly activity. It operates in collaboration with Kosair Children's Hospital and through the generosity of Kosair Charities and the Children's Hospital Foundation. At present, support is directed toward providing infrastructure support for promising pediatric scientists and pioneering new research directions. The intent is to achieve maximum return on what constitutes a currently small but growing investment in pediatric research, while implementing a "bench to bedside" philosophy.

The KCHRI houses excellent research programs in sleep and neurobiology, diabetes research, and is currently expanding its scope to tumor biology and outcomes research. Each of these programs contributes to the overall strength of the research institute. Moreover, all of the programs housed at KCHRI have the potential for expansion through collaborative research. The new facility further aids research by providing state-of-the-art equipment and a laboratory design that maximizes efficiency and supports innovation. Through common areas like informal lounges, the KCHRI also provides the means for collaboration among researchers from various disciplines. The 30,000 square foot research floors feature 3 core laboratories and 18 laboratories measuring 880 square feet each. Annual support for KCHRI investigators totals more than $5 million, with a substantial amount of the funding coming from the National Institutes of Health.

Contact Information
570 S. Preston Street
Baxter 1, Suite 204
Louisville, Ky 40202
Julie Renn  (502) 852-3374
Fax: (502) 852-2215


Paul Epstein, Ph.D. 
Evelyne Gozal, Ph.D.
Nicholas Mellen, Ph.D. 
Jun Cai
Lu Cai

KCHRI is dedicated to the discovery of fundamental problems associated with pediatric disease. With that purpose in mind, it is fair to say that our work in basic and applied research is impressive. It is a core departmental function that will only grow in importance in the future. Each year, our faculty produces significant peer-reviewed publications, abstracts, scientific presentations, books, and book chapters—over 80 in 2005. We have four endowed chairs of pediatric research, a $2 million KCHRI endowment and a $2 million Norton Healthcare Sleep Research endowment.

Current research activities focus on two major areas:

Sleep Neurobiology
This research revolves around the learning and behavioral consequences of sleep-disordered breathing using a translational approach going from cell biology and gene regulation to field epidemiology in the Louisville community.

Juvenile Diabetes
This research is focused on mechanisms underlying end-organ injury in juvenile diabetes through gene-targeted approaches. It aims to reduce the morbidity and complication of this lifelong disorder.

For information about juvenile diabetes research, call Sallye Burns, (502) 852-2669.



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