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Sport Administration (Minor)

Minor in Sport Administration

Minor: SPAD

Unit: College of Education and Human Development

Department: Health and Sports Sciences

Type Hours
SPAD 381 Principles of Sport Administration 3
SPAD 383 Sport Marketing
SPAD 384 Current Trends & Issues in Sport Administration
SPAD 389 Legal aspects of Sport*


Select 6 Hours from the following:
SPAD 360 Administration of Intramural Activities 3
SPAD 382 Organizational Behavior in Sport
SPAD 390 Sport in American Society
SPAD 402Cooperative Internship in SPAD*
SPAD 404 Financial Principles in Sport*
SPAD 472 the sport Industry*
SPAD 505 Sport Facility Management*
SPAD 525 Sport Event Management*
SPAD 529 American Woman in Sport
SPAD 561 Special Topics in SPAD 3
Minimum Total 18

Note: A 2.5 gpa is required in the minor. Only one ā€œDā€ will be accepted in courses for the minor.

To apply for the minor:

*Please note that these courses have prerequisites which may not be listed in the courses above.

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