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Music with Emphasis in Piano Performance with Concentration in Piano Pedagogy (BM)

This program was approved for students entering the university in the Fall 2008 - Summer 2009 catalog year. For more information about catalog year, go to Catalog Year Information.

Major: MUSP

Degree: BM

Concentration: PDG

Unit: Music

Program Courses

Type Hours
University-wide General Education requirements1,2 34
Music Theory 141-242 (four 4-hour courses) 16
Music Literature 361 (four 3-hour courses) 12
Principal Ensemble (eight 1-hour courses)
(Solely dependent on the ensemble audition.)
Recital Attendance 097 (six semesters of “S”) 0
Conducting I 359 2
Analysis 347 2
Applied Lessons (four 2-hour courses) 8
Introduction to Music Study 100 1
Piano Proficiency 297 0
Total 83

Plan Courses

Major Area
Type Hours
Applied Lessons (four 4-hour courses) 16
Piano Literature (461, 561, 562) 6
Piano Pedagogy (four 3-hour courses) 12
Piano Pedagogy Practicum (two 2-hour courses) 4
Senior Recital3 0
Total 38
Supportive Area
Type Hours
Analysis 348 2
Advanced Theory 4
   Two 2-hour courses chosen from:
      Composition 143-144
      Ensemble Scoring I & II 345-346
  ­    Chromatic Harmony and Analysis/Analysis of Twentieth-Century Music 547-548
      Counterpoint 549-550
Piano Ensemble (two 1/2-hour courses) 1
Conducting II 360 2
General Electives4 4
Total 13


Type Hours
Minimum Total 134

Admission to Senior College

No B.M. degree student may enroll for 400-level music courses until all of the following requirements have been satisfied:

  1. Completion of at least 48 credits toward the degree.
  2. Piano Proficiency Examination.MUS 202. The examination for MUS 202 will be graded by an expanded jury. The student must prepare at least 11 minutes of music. Keyboard majors must pass the Piano Proficiency Examination before taking the examination for MUS 202.
  3. MUS 242 Theory IV.
  4. MUS 361-01 and -02 Music Literature.
  5. MUS 097 Recital Attendance, four semesters with grade of “S”.
  6. ENGL 101 or ENGL 105 and at least three additional general education courses.
  7. GPA of 2.5.

1 Students are required to take PAS 214 African American Music (Arts and Humanities content: Cultural Diversity competency) and ANTH 205 Music in World Cultures (Social and Behavioral Sciences content: Cultural Diversity competency).

2 MUH courses may not be taken to fulfill any General Education requirement.

3 For the B.M. with concentration in Piano Pedagogy, the senior recital may be presented before the departmental faculty. A junior recital is strongly recommended for pedagogy majors.

4 Students are strongly encouraged to take a course in Educational Psychology or Child Development.

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