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Music with Emphasis in Jazz Studies (BA)

This program was approved for students entering the university in the Fall 2008 - Summer 2009 catalog year. For more information about catalog year, go to Catalog Year Information.

Bachelor of Arts in Music with Emphasis in Jazz studies

Major: MUSI

Degree: BA

Unit: School of Music

Program Courses

Type Hours
University-wide General Education requirements 1,2 34
Music Theory 141-242 (four 4-hour courses) 16
Music Literature 361 (four 3-hour courses) 12
Principal Ensemble (minimum of eight 1-hour courses )
(Jazz Studies majors take 4 semesters of Jazz or Jazz Repertory Ensemble and 4 semesters of the other principal ensemble designated for their primary instrument.)
Recital Attendance 097 (six semesters of ā€œSā€) 0
Applied Instrument 3,4 (four 2-hour courses) 8
Piano Class 4,5 (two 1-hour courses) 2
Analysis 347 2
Introduction to Music Study 100 1
Piano Proficiency 197 0
Total 83

Plan Courses

Jazz Area
Type Hours
The Evolution of Jazz 355 3
Jazz Improvisation I 138 2
Jazz Improvisation II 340 2
Sudies in Jazz: Jazz Style & Analysis 351ā€“01 2
Sudies in Jazz: Jazz Theory 351ā€“02 2
Jazz Piano Class 130
(Students may substitute 1 hour of elective providing they pass the Jazz Piano Proficiency)
Jazz Piano Proficiency 198 0
Music Electives 4


General Electives
(Non-music electives which include 18 hours in one area of concentration. At least 9 hours in the area of concentration, and a total of 12 of the 31 hours, must be at the 300-level or above. The student may choose to pursue a second major or take a minor in a non-music area.)
Minimum Total 130

1 Students are required to take PAS 214 African American Music (Arts and Humanities: Cultural Diversity competency) and ANTH 205 Music in World Cultures (Social and Behavioral Sciences content: Cultural Diversity competency).

2 MUH courses may not be taken to fulfill any General Education requirement.

3 The Piano Proficiency Examination is required for applied piano majors. The exam must be passed before receiving credit for the 4th semester of applied piano study.

4 If the applied area is piano, Piano Class is replaced with 2 hours of music electives. The Piano Proficiency Examination may be taken in lieu of two semesters of Piano Class.

5 Students must pass the complete Piano Proficiency Examination before receiving credit for the final semester of the piano requirement. Students must be enrolled continuously in the class until their piano requirement has been completed.

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