When Social Media and Social Justice Collide

What happens when social justice and social media collide? 

Find out in this satirical sketch piece written by our UofL Theatre Arts students.

This is an AATP Original!


Director’s Notes:

As I take note of all of the things that have happened over the last year and few months I can’t help but be astonished at the sheer amount of craziness we’ve all had to endure. When I knew that we’d be devising a show for the AATP’s Spring slot I knew it would be the perfect opportunity to talk about some of these things…but not in a way that would be expected. There was enough pain. There was already enough to cry about. With this project I wanted to bring us all some joy despite the circumstances while still addressing what needed to be addressed artistically. 

#Hashtag is an exploration of how we talk about race and social justice issues through the lens of social media which is such an extension of so many of us. It is also a satire. It is also a sketch show. It is also a poetry slam. It’s an experiment! It is a multi-verse of student expression. IT IS PROTEST. It is my way of laughing instead of crying. 

This show was completely written by the student cast. We started in February and it has been a complete joy watching this piece some together. It has been a complete joy to watch students and faculty/staff alike contribute so much of their time and talent to make this project the best that it could be. 

To all that were involved in this project thank you from the bottom of my heart. To all who took the time to visit this page and watch the show, thank you for supporting us! We hope that you will all enjoy our very first #AatpOriginal.  --Sidney Edwards




How and when to respond to micro-aggressions:



Emotional Well-Being and Coping During COVID-19:



Coping in the aftermath of a shooting: 



Yoga as Healing for the Black Community:



Where To Donate To Support Black Youth Organizations Focused On The Future:


Production Credits:

Concept By: 

Sidney Edwards


Directed by: 

Sidney Edwards



Lamar Hardy

Aliyah Brutley

Sarah Elston

Yah Yah Compton

Jahi Bogard

LaShondra Hood

Rachel Meadors

Sa’Id “Nxttime” Kelly

Candace Spencer

Latrice Richardson

Emma Lauter

Terry Tocantins


Writing Consult: 

Terry Tocantins


Major Contributing Writer and Developer:

Brandi Lashay



Jahi Bogard 


Vocal Coach/Contributing Writer:

Jordan Tutor


Closed Captions by: 

Caisey Cole


Director’s Assistant/Social Media: 

Tyler Tate


Stage Manager: 

Colton Bachinski


Assistant Stage Managers:

Julia Mathew

Eve Kopsolias


Director of Photography/Editor:

Stephan Carpenter


Scenic Designer:

Kevin Gawley


Associate Scenic Designer:

Aspen Mirfeldt


Scenic Charge Artist:

Madison Zinner


Prop Master:

Aiden Stivers


Assistant Prop Master:
Stephan Carpenter


Lighting Designer:
Kevin Gawley


Assistant Lighting Designer:

Alyssa Charlesworth


Master Electrician:
Julia Mathew


Costume Designer:
Zhanna Goldentul


Assistant Costume Designers:

Aniyah Adams

Maddie Cornette


Projection Designer:

Jerome Wills


Technical Director/Production Manager:

Braden Blauser


Assistant Production Manager:

Cece Phillips


Master Carpenter:

Aspen Mirfeldt


Sound Designer:

Jerome Wills


Light Board Operator:

Cameron Ezell


Sound Board/Projection Operator:

Waylon Riley


OBS Operator:

Azariah Taylor


Prop Crew:

Jeremiah Hubbard


Stage Crew:

Sasha Palazzo


Wardrobe Master:

Loren Moody


Wardrobe Crew:

Em Richardson

Yah Yah Compton


Camera Operators:

Cece Phillips

Xavier Wills

Madison Zinner



Technical Production Supervisor:
Miranda Cisneros



Colton Bachinski

Cameron Ezell

Gavin Nelson


Scenic Carpenters:

Clay Chapman

Cece Phillips

Xavier Wills


Costume Shop Manager:

Melissa Shepard



Em Richardson

Maddie Cornette

Aniyah Adams

Savannah Pierce




Earth is Ghetto

Written by Aliah Sheffield 

Performed by Candace Spencer &

Brandi Threatt (piano)



Written by Sa’ID “Nxttime” Kelly

Performed by:

 Sa’ID “Nxttime” Kelly

Jahi Bogard 

Sidney Edwards

Lattice Richardson 




Special Thank You To:

Nefertiti Burton

Janna Segal

Blair Potter

Jessica Key

Byron Coolie 

TA 240 Stagecraft

TA 350 Production Practicum