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Math Placement

by Barbara Schweickart last modified Oct 23, 2013 02:01 PM


The Math placement exams are available to take by appointment at the UofL Testing Services at any time before course registration.  It is highly recommended that local students contact Testing Services and schedule an appointment for this exam before your orientation. The Math COMPASS exam may also be available at a testing center near your place of residence through remote testing. For more information on this option, please contact UofL’s Testing Services at 502-852-6606.

On your scheduled exam date, report to our office in Davidson Hall, Room 310. You will need to present a photo ID. Calculators are allowed, but not required. We will not supply a calculator for you. You should plan to arrive at least 15 minutes before your scheduled time.

If you have already taken either the COMPASS or KYOTE exam through a Kentucky high school, you can verify that we have received your scores by logging into ULink, click on the Student Services tab, then click to View My Undergraduate Application Status. Received scores are listed near the bottom of the screen. If no scores are listed, your school can fax the results to 502-852-1871. If we do not recieve scores prior to orientation, you may be required to test again.

You may view sample COMPASS math questions at Students are strongly encouraged to test their current mathematice skills now by attempting the Kentucky Early Mathematics Testing Program (KEMPT) math assessment. This test is available for free if you visit the KEMPT website.

Do You Need a Math Placement?

All students should verify their program's Mathematics course requirements with an academic advisor from the appropriate department.

Initial Mathematics course placement is based on the student's highest ACT or SAT mathematics sub-score as listed in the table below. Students with a sub-score less than the required sub-score to place into their desired math class should take a placement exam. Students scoring 19 or above in Math are guaranteed placement in a credit bearing course.

  • Students with an ACT sub-score of 0-18 (SAT 200-450) MUST take the COMPASS exam. This exam will place the student in MT 055, 065, Gen 104, or another credit-bearing Mathematics course.
  • Students with an ACT sub-score of at least 19 (SAT at least 460), but less than the score required for their desired math class (see chart below), should take the U of L Math Placement Exam.
  • Engineering students with an ACT sub-score of at least 23 (SAT at least 540) do not take the U of L Math Placement Exam.
  • Download a chart of prerequisites (PDF) for Mathematics courses.

Mathematics Course

Math Sub-score Needed for Initial Placement

Placement Test for Possible Placement into a higher Math Course
MT 055, 065, Gen 104 0 - 18 200 - 450 Must take Math COMPASS exam
Math 105 Supplemented Section 19 460-470 Take U of L Math Challenge
Math 105 Regular Section 20 - 36 480 - 800 Take U of L Math Challenge
Math 111 Supplemented Section 21 - 22 500 - 530 Take U of L Math Challenge
Math 151  21 - 36 500 - 800 Take U of L Math Challenge
Math 107, 109, 111 (Regular Section), or 112 23 - 36 540 - 800 Take U of L Math Challenge
Math 180 or 190 25 - 36 580 - 800 Take COMPASS Calculus Readiness Exam
Math 205 27 - 36 610 - 800 No additional placement required

  • Most Science degrees (Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics, BS in Biology or Psychology), a BA in Economics, and all degrees in Engineering require Calculus I (Math 205 or ENGR 101)
  • BS in Political Science requires Math 107 Finite Math or Math 180.
  • Degrees in Business and the BA in Biology require Math 180 or Math 205.
  • Degrees in Nursing require Math 111.
  • The BS in Early Elementary Education requires Mathematics 151 and 152.
  • Other degrees allow students to fulfill the requirement with Mathematics 105. These degrees include:
    All degrees in the Humanities division of A&S, or in the School of Music,
    All degrees in the College of Education and Human Development other than the BS programs leading to teacher certification.
    All degrees in the Social Sciences division of A&S other than those listed above.
    Some students seeking these degrees may qualify for and should be encouraged to take a more challenging course.


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