UL Students: Faculty-Make Up or Online Exam


U of L instructors may have their students take make-up or online face-to-face exams in Testing Services. 

ADA Accommodations:  

If you have received ADA accommodations such as extended time, reduced distraction, a reader or a scribe from U of L's  (502-852-6938), please call our office BEFORE scheduling any exam.

Call (852-6606) or  if you have any students who need to make up exams or need a face-to-face proctor in Louisville, Kentucky.

Complete the attached faculty exam cover sheet and return it with your exam to Testing Services, 310 Davidson Hall or .

We do not offer testing on a walk-in basis. We do not allow personal belonging (purses, backpacks, cellphone, keys, watches, fitness trackers, etc.) inside the testing room. If you bring any prohibited items, you will be required to leave them in one of our lockers. You will be scanned with a metal detector upon entry into our testing lab.  Please be sure to bring your UL student ID with you on test day, you may be required to show this ID instead of government issued ID.  After your instructor approves a make-up exam with Testing Services follow this process:

REGISTER ONLINE for all Testing Services appointments at www.louisville.edu/testing with the CLICK TO SCHEDULE EXAM HERE button.  You will select CHOOSE A GROUP:  UofL or Other School/Organization-make-up/online testing then CHOOSE AN EXAM:  UofL Course Exam and then choose a date and time.  You will then be required to pay the $15 online with a debit/credit card.  There will be no charge for rescheduling and the information will be in your confirmation to do so.  It is YOUR responsibility to have permission & know the deadline from your instructor to test in our office.  

Faculty Make-Up or Online Face-to-Face Exams

Student Fee

UL Make-up or Online exam*




*These appointment times fill up quickly, so be sure to schedule in advance.