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Departmental Inventory Coordinators

The responsibilities and duties assigned to the "Departmental Inventory Coordinator" are intended to be performed as an additional defined job task of clerical level personnel.  However, the senior administrative person within the department or organizational unit having custody of University or Federal property which is assigned a specific budget code, is accountable for ensuring that the "Departmental Inventory Coordinator's" function is implemented and maintained, and to annually certify the accuracy of the inventory account listing for their area of responsibility.

All tasks assigned to the "Departmental Inventory Coordinator" are designed to provide maximum control with minimum activity at the departmental level. The duties of the "Departmental Inventory Coordinator" are essential to provide necessary information to the Risk Management and Insurance Department of the University, Federal and State funding sources, and the University Accounting and Audit System.

The "Departmental Inventory Coordinator's" most demanding task is the annual inventory of property.  The most reliable and effective way of verifying the location and true status of inventory is visual confirmation.  Therefore, an annual visual inspection of inventory of all equipment with a value over $5,000 is required of the "Departmental Inventory Coordinator".   Submit the Capital Asset Coordinator Form to assign your departmental inventory coordinator.

The Inventory Control Office will assist persons requiring instructional inventory control support.  Any request for assistance should be routed through the Departmental Inventory Coordinator to the Inventory Control Office.

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