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UofL's Student Success Center (SSC) supports every UofL undergraduate student throughout the college experience. We're here with a wide variety of resources and programs to support students by addressing concerns in areas including advising, academics, financial wellbeing, and belonging.

Whether a student is in need of a laptop, exploring a new major, facing a financial barrier, or simply looking for a peer who's been there before, the SSC is the place to turn. Our purpose is to help every UofL undergraduate student succeed here and beyond.

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There is no one-size-fits-all answer to the question of what a successful student looks like--we believe success is defined for each of us by each of us. But successful students do share some important characteristics that we can help students develop.

Successful students make intentional and informed choices; persist to a timely completion in their chosen pathways; utilize campus resources as appropriate; and make meaningful connections with peers, faculty, staff, alumni, and community partners. They are prepared academically and personally to engage in their educations and the post-degree pursuits of their choosing.


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The SSC strives to ensure equity in student success through its commitment to supporting all of UofL's undergraduate students by minimizing barriers and maximizing opportunities to develop the qualities of a successful student--and to become engaged citizens, leaders, and scholars. This work is done by our Exploratory & Transition Advisors, Student Success Programs, Student Success Ambassador Peer Mentors, and Student Success Coordinators. Learn more about them below!

Exploratory & Transition Advising

If you are undecided, not yet admitted to your unit of choice, or questioning your major or fit - we are here to help! Call 502.852.7969 to make an advising appointment.

Student Success Programs

The SSC offers a variety of programs for any undergraduate student to help get you answers to your questions and make personal connections as you transition into and through the university. Check Engage for our upcoming events, or learn more by clicking the link above.

First-Generation Student Programs

The SSC also offers programs to ensure equitable success for UofL's first-generation students. If you're first-gen, these programs are here to help you develop fundamental skills, knowledge, and personal connections that will be essential from your first year through graduation. Interested in applying to participate? Learn more by clicking the link above.

Student Success Ambassador Peer Mentors

Ambassadors begin work with first time freshmen starting at Welcome Week and continuing through the first year. They can help ease your college transitions, form campus connections and facilitate your success at UofL. Learn more by clicking the link above.

Student Success Coordinators

If you're an undergraduate student experiencing academic, financial, or personal difficulties, your Student Success Coordinator can provide one-on-one assistance to offer guidance and support so you can continue on your path to graduation. Make an appointment with your assigned coordinator via Cardsmart, or learn more by clicking the link above.

We are located in the Belknap Academic Building. Students are welcome to , call at 502-852-7969, or stop by our front desk on the first floor to set up an appointment.

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