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Ended a dating relationship in the past year? (IRB #13.0044)

Adults ages 19‐30 are invited to participate in a study about memory, emotion, and mental
health. To be eligible, you must have ended a dating relationship in the past year and
experienced many times when your former partner: verbally attacked you, controlled what you
could/could not do, withheld information from you, isolated you from friends/family, or denied
you access to money/other basic resources. You are not eligible if you’ve ever been married or
are currently in an abusive relationship. If you participate, you will recall event(s) that occurred
in your previous relationship, and will complete puzzles and questionnaires. Participants will be
compensated $16. If eligible, email to sign‐up for a research session.


Department of Psychological and Brain Sciences


The event will be held in Davidson Hall Room 316, Belknap Campus. 

2‐hour Timeslots Available Monday‐Friday.

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