Outcome Assessment Reports (OARs)

Following the procedures set forth by the Office of Institutional Effectiveness (IE) regarding Outcomes Assessment, SP&A coordinates the Outcome Assessment Report (OAR) submission process for the Division of Student Affairs annually.

OAR Process

Step 1 (Early Summer 1): Identify the goals to measure progress towards every year.
Step 2 (Early Summer 1): Use the Assessment Plan to determine the methods of evaluating these goals.
Step 3 (Duration of Academic Year): Collect data and/or evidence for measuring goals, implement desired processes, and track findings.
Step 4 (Early Summer 2): Synthesize findings and implement appropriate action plans (leading to Step 1 for the next reporting cycle).
Step 4.5 (Early-Mid Fall 2): SP&A pulls any necessary data for reporting (e.g., retention, statistical analyses, academic performance).
Step 5 (Early-Mid Fall 2): Complete report, submit to SP&A, and address any necessary revisions.
Step 6 (Mid Fall 2): SP&A submits finalized reports to IE.

OAR Process Notes

  • To increase the ease of reporting the Student Affairs Assessment Plans are modeled after the OAR.
  • Student Affairs Assessment Committee Members are responsible for completing the OAR.
  • Student Affairs tracks their data on a Summer to Summer cycle (i.e., May Commencement to May Commencement).
  • Deviations from the Summer to Summer timeline are permitted when data reporting standards or protocols require an alternative timeline.

OAR Resources

Current Reporting Templates
Using the Assessment Plan to Complete the 19-20 OAR (PDF)