UofL Campus Housing Organizational Chart

  • Dr. Tom Hardy
    Director of Campus Housing
    • Vacant
      Associate Director of Residential Life
      • Mohammad Hussain
        Assistant Director for Affilated Housing & Residential Student Conduct
        • Vacant
          Graduate Assistant for Student Rights & Responsibilities
        • Outreach Leaders
      • Colten Ingram
        Assistant Director Residential Life - West
        • Jordan White
          Anthony Toney
          See Note 2
          • RAs, SRAs, CHAs, CNAs
      • Kathleen Dailey
        Assistant Director Residential Academic Initatives
        • Vacant
          Program Coordinator LLC's & Social Justice
      • Matthew Harris
        Jordan White
        Graduate Assistant for Residential Education
      • J'Lissabeth Faughn
        Assistant Director Residentinal Life - East
        • Priscilla Castillo
          Hall Directors
          See Note 2
          • RAs, SRAs, CHAs, CNAs
    • Rick Schneiderman
      Assistant Director Financial Operations
      See Note 1
      • Shilo Smaldone
        Administrative Associate Business Services
    • Kristin Roberts
      Associate Director for Operations
      • Vacant
        Assistant Director for Marketing & Communications
        • Graphic Designers
          Office Assistants
          Social Media Assistant
      • Jenna Slotten
        Graduate Assistant
      • Shelly Giles
        Assignments Coordinator
        • Student Assistants
      • Magnolia Justice
        Billing Coordinator
        • Student Assistants
      • Jarayon Jackson
        Assistant Director for Summer Operations
        See Note 2
        • Conference Assistants
      • David Henry
        Assistant Director Residential Technology
        • Office Technology Assistants
    • Robert Carlson
      Administrative Associate Human Resources
    • Steve Colston
      Associate Director of Residential Facilities
      • Vacant
        Graduate Assistant for Facility Administration
      • Vacant
        Graduate Assistant for Facility Operations
      • Charles Ames
        Facilities Maintenance Coordinator
        • Markus Martin
          Maintenance Technician
        • Robert Kerr
          Maintenance Technician
        • Donald Head
          Maintenance Technician
        • Facility Assistants
      • Facility Assistants

Student Affairs Business Staff

  • Suzanne Galbreath
    Director of Finance Lead Fiscal Officer
    See Note 1
    • Melissa Taylor
      UBM Intermdiate
      • Student Assistant
    • Bill Vetter
      Accountant III

Note 1: Rick Schneiderman also reports to Suzanne Galbreath, Student Affairs Business Staff.

Note 2: Summers only these positions also report to Jarayon Jackson.

Sub-lists indicate subordinate.