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What is Student Affairs?

People who work in student affairs provide services, programs, and resources that help students learn and grow outside of the classroom. Some things that student affairs professionals do for students every day include:

  •  Enhance student learning
  •  Guide academic and career decisions
  •  Mentor students
  •  Promote leadership skills
  •  Counsel students through crises

Is Student Affairs right for me?

Do you…

  •  Enjoy being in a campus environment?
  •  Need to be challenged and learn new skills?
  •  Love planning and advertising for events?
  •  Crave an exciting and dynamic career?
  •  Want to make a difference in the lives of young adults?

If you answer yes to any of these questions, then Student Affairs could be a great choice for you!

What do people do in student affairs?

Careers in Student Affairs are as diverse as the people who pursue them. From program coordinators to Vice Presidents of Student Affairs, there are many ways to be involved in Student Affairs. Student affairs departments on campus may include:

  •  Multicultural Programs
  •  Student Activities
  •  Greek Life 
  •  Residence Life
  •  Recreation/Fitness Centers
  •  Financial Aid
  •  Women’s Centers/Programs
  •  Student Unions
  •  Judicial Affairs
  •  Student Organization Advising
  •  Admissions
  •  Alumni Programs
  •  Student Government Advising
  •  Leadership Development
  •  Campus Museums/Art
  •  Career Services
  •  Study Abroad
  •  Wellness Programs
  •  Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender Programs
  •  Support for students with Disabilities
  •  Veterans Programs
  •  New Student Orientation

Where can I work?

Almost anywhere you want! Student affairs professionals are located at every campus from small community colleges to large research universities throughout the world. Whether you prefer a small town or bustling city, there is an institution that is right for you!

Steps to Exploring a Career in Student Affairs

If the idea of a career in student affairs appeals to you, you can take these steps to learn more about the profession:

  • Talk to student affairs professionals at your school, a nearby college or your alma mater. Talk to the senior student affairs officer, usually known as the Dean of Students or the Vice President for Student Affairs. Or talk with another student affairs professional on campus – perhaps the director of orientation, the coordinator of student activities, or staff in residence life. You may want to start with a brief informational interview to learn more about what they do or set up a day of job shadowing.  If you're not sure how to get started with this idea, the career services office on campus will be able to help.  Also, if you are still a student or working on a campus, go a step farther and establish a mentoring relationship with one of the professionals that you talk to.  Sample Informational Interview Questions
  • If you are a student, you have a great opportunity to explore your potential workplace. Take advantage of every chance you can to learn how your college works and develop your skills. If you are a student, run for an office in student government or in a student organization; serve on a judicial board; be a tour guide, orientation leader, resident assistant, or peer educator; or join a student organization. If you are not sure where to start, ask a member of the student activities staff.
  • Work in a student affairs office. Ask about internships, jobs, and volunteer opportunities in student affairs offices on campus. Consider possibilities during the summer as well as during the school year. You'll get hands-on experience and have a chance to interact with professionals in the field.
  • If your college offers an undergraduate class geared toward learning more about student affairs (or related paraprofessional or leadership classes), sign up. Often, these classes are taught by student affairs professionals and can help you learn more about your interests and preferences, as well as what it is like to work on a college campus.
  • Join a student affairs professional association. Undergraduate students can become a member of NASPA for $25 a year. Benefits include member discounts, access to publications and online resources, and a range of professional development opportunities (including regional/national conferences and workshops).
  • Explore programs designed to help you learn more about careers in student affairs and higher education. These include the NASPA Undergraduate Fellows Program, targeted toward increasing the number of ethnic minority, LGBT, and persons with disabilities in student affairs; the National Orientation Directors Association's (NODA) internship program; and the Association of College and University Housing Officers-International's (ACUHO-I) STARS College and Housing Internship programs.Learn more about graduate study. You'll find graduate programs in student affairs (also known as "college student personnel") and higher education at colleges and universities across the country. A helpful resource is NASPA's comprehensive online Directory of Graduate Programs. Once you've identified programs that you're interested in, call, write, or e-mail them to request more information. Ask for admissions, curriculum, and financial aid information, as well as information about possible assistantships and fellowships. If possible, visit the campus, meet with current students and faculty in the program, and talk with recent graduates.

Learn More - FREE NASPA Webinars

October is Careers in Student Affairs month and students are invited to learn about career opportunities in Student Affairs by taking part in a webinar series throughout the month of October.  NASPA – Student Affairs Administrators in Higher Education  is hosting four webinars in October to help students investigate student affairs as a potentially viable and rewarding career.  The webinars will be presented in the SAC


Careers in Student Affairs: Purpose. Passion. Profession
Oct. 3, 2012 | 3:00-4:00pm EST
SAC W307


Do you find purpose in serving and helping others? Have a passion for college students? Want to join a professional network of educators? Well Student Affairs might be for you! Join NASPA for a webinar to kick-off National Careers in Student Affairs Month. During this hour-long webinar, panelists will share their journeys through the profession and provide information and advice about how you can start yours!

Panelists for this year's webinar include:

  • Mariela Campuzano, Senior Academic Advisor, Florida International University

  • Dr. Paulette Dalpes, Deputy to Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs & Chief of Staff, City University of New York

  • Tiffany J. Davis, Doctoral Candidate, University of Georgia

  • Cord McLean, Program Advisor, Texas A&M University

  • Tim Albert, Associate Director, Housing, Seattle University



Student Affairs Job vs. Career: The Choice to Work Full-Time or Attend Graduate School

Oct. 10, 2012 | 4:00-5:00pm EST


You are thinking about life after college graduation and one of your options is to work in student affairs. This webinar will share the benefits and challenges of attending graduate school and earning your master's degree in order to work professionally in the field, and another option is to work full-time in a student affairs position before (or instead of) returning to graduate school. Research data as well as advice from graduate students and professional student affairs practitioners should allow you to make an informed decision!


Things I Wish I Knew When Applying to Graduate School
Oct. 17, 2012 | 4:00-5:00pm EST

Applying to graduate school is a unique experience. Graduate school is vastly different from the undergraduate experience, and students are not always prepared for the steps that lay ahead.

This presentation by NUFP alumni and recent master's program graduates will give first-hand accounts, tips, and advice for the journey that awaits undergraduates desiring to continue their education. Topics covered include the application process, campus visits, interviewing, worries, fears, and more.


Making the Most of your Career: Navigating your NASPA Membership
Oct. 31, 2012 | 4:00-5:00pm EST

As we close Careers in Student Affairs Month, we would be remiss to not talk about one of the keys to a successful career in student affairs: active membership in professional associations. We believe NASPA needs to be at least one of those associations. But with so many resources and options in a NASPA membership, how do you make the most of it? This webinar will be your guide! Whether you are exploring the potential of a career in student affairs, adjusting to being new to the field, or working as a seasoned professional, this webinar, hosted by Nathan Victoria, director of member engagement and student initiatives, will give you insights into your professional home. Come prepared to ask questions, gain useful tips, as well as network with other individuals on the call.


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