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Student Affairs Tech Ticket

Please answer as many of the following questions as you can. This helps us to prioritize service and develop a record to watch for trends in difficulties.

NOTE: This form is only for Student Affairs staff. If you are not a member of the Student Affairs staff, please report your problem using the Heat system. Thank you.

tech ticket





Who is directly effected or who is the best person to contact about this problem
If it runs on electricity and it can be picked up, it is hardware.
If you can't touch it, it's software.
Please tell us anything else that can help us diagnose the problem. Go into as much detail as you like.
If you say it is keeping you from doing your job and it isn't, shame on you!
If your request has anything to do with a University account, we are probably going to need this. If you have a question about the costs, please ask in the Details above.

Please provide at least one week advance notice.

If you believe you will need on site tech assistance for an event or activity please provide the following info in the space below:

  • Date, Time and Location of Event
  • Short Description of Event
  • Outline the tech needs you have for the event - be specific - set up laptop or data projector, need to access internet (which sites) , need to show videos or play music or DVD, Power point presentation etc.

Requestor will be contacted to confirm details and availability. All principals, hardware and media will need to be present a minimum of 20 minutes before the event begins.

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