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Staff Directory

Name Department Title

Adriance, Mackenzie Career Center Career Coach
Boyer, Ashlea Career Center Program Assistant Sr
Clark,Rebecca Career Center Associate Director Career Services
Dale, Ashley Career Center Career Coach
Lamb, Candace Career Center Career Coach
Mayberry,Debra Career Center Career Coach
Real, Matt Career Center Acting Director
Staten, Josh Career Center Program Coordinator

Barnes, Brittany Student Involvement - CELS Department Assistant
Curtis,Pamela N. Student Involvement - CELS Director CELS
Elmer, Heidi Student Involvement - CELS Department Assistant
Meyer, Kathleen Student Involvement - CELS Coordinator CELS

Allen, Tanisha Counseling Center Clerk Senior
Brown,Vincent  Counseling Center Counselor, Senior
Billings,Gabrielle E Counseling Center Counselor Intermediate
Casiano, Ruby Counseling Center Psychologist
Cherry, Kimberly Counseling Center Counselor
Copridge, Keeley Counseling Center - TRIO Student Development Specialist
Dresing, Christopher Counseling Center Program Assistant

Gulati, Geetanjali "Geeta" 

Counseling Center Psychologist
Johnson, Jeremy Counseling Center - TRIO Program Coordinator
Kalawski, Juan Pablo Counseling Center Psychologist
Petty, Nadine Counseling Center - TRIO Program Manager
Pinckney, Michelle Counseling Center Counselor
Powell, Brenda Counseling Center - TRIO Admin Assistant
Tyler, Aesha Counseling Center Dir Counseling Services

Morgan, Geri
Dean of Students Student Care Manager
Mardis, Michael Dean of Students Dean of Students/Acting VP
Pendleton, Kathy Dean of Students Director Student Advocacy
Stigall, Charisma Dean of Students Program Assistant Sr
Taylor, Angela Dean of Students Assistant Dean of Students
Ulmer, Laura Dean of Students Project Coordinator
Wolford,Beverly Dean of Students Administrative Assoc

Blake, Bob Disability Resource Center Program Coordinator
Fisher,Teresa Diane Disability Resource Center Program Assistant
Gettys, Coleen Disability Resource Center Program Coordinator
Patus,Cathy Disability Resource Center Dir Disability Resource Center

Cunningham,Amanda Housing and Residence Life Program Coordinator
Deitz, Sarah Housing and Residence Life Residence Life Coordinator
Hazen, Ashley Housing and Residence LIfe Program Coordinator
Henry, David Housing and Residence Life Program Coordinator
Massey,Michelle Newton Housing and Residence Life Associate Director Admin Services
Mathis, Bryan Housing and Residence Life Department Assistant
Meadors, Brett Housing and Residence Life
Program Coordinator
  Housing and Residence Life Department Assistant
  Housing and Residence Life Assistant Director
Smith,Jacqueline Ann Housing and Residence Life Department Info Tech Analyst
Smyser,Martha Lynn Housing and Residence Life Administrative Associate
Staten,Shannon D. Housing and Residence Life Director Housing and Residence Life
Schneiderman, Richard Housing and Residence Life Unit Business Manager Intermediate
  Housing and Residence Life Associate Director Facilities

Case, Chelsea Intramurals Department Assistant
Hatfield,  David Intramurals Asst Dir Intramural Sports 
Gamsky, Joe Intramurals Department Assistant
Johnson,Gregory Intramurals Sports Facility Supr
Lynch,Timothy Allen Intramurals Sports Facility Supr
Michalski, Rusty Intramurals Sports Facility Supr
Nuxoll, Frank Intramurals Sports Facility Supr
Peterson, Justin Intramurals Coordinator Intramual Sports
Porter, Tad Intramurals Department Assistant
Ramsay,Dale  Intramurals Dir Intramural Rec Sport -Std
Ramsay, Ryan Intramurals Department Assistant
Rice,David A. Intramurals Coord SAC Cmnty Ctr
Richeson,Michael Intramurals Sports Facility Supr
Smith,John D. Intramurals Asst Dir Intramural Sports
Tritle, Addina Intramurals Department Assistant
Woodall,Deborah  Intramurals Asst Dir Fitness Ctr HSC
Zody, Karen Intramurals Admin Assistant

Burton,Albert Student Involvement Coord Svcs Std Activity Ctr
Cross, Jeffrey Student Involvement Program Coordinator
Isbell, Brooke Student Involvement Assistant Director
Moore, Tim Student Involvement Director Student Activities/SAC
Neff,Stuart Student Involvement Coord Spec Projs Std Activ
Onnembo,Julia A. Student Involvement Asst Dir Prgms SAC
Quisenberry,Kenneth  Student Involvement Coordinator Operations SAC
Riffle, Lee Ann  Student Involvement Adminv Asst
Shaw,David Student Involvement Asst Dir Facilities -  SAC
Gold, Lynn Student Involvement Administrative Assistant

Cucura, Susie VP Student Affairs Coordinator Publications/Marketing
Galbreath,  Suzanne VP Student Affairs - Business Unit Business Mgr Intermed
Day,Janice Sue VP Student Affairs - Business Unit Business Manager
Gittings, Glenn VP Student Affairs Director Special Programs
Hardy,Shirley VP Student Affairs Administrative Associate
Horrar,David VP Student Affairs Department Info Tech Analyst
Howe,George J. VP Student Affairs/Student Involvement
Director Special Programs
Mercer, Laura VP Student Affairs Program Assistant Senior
Mianzo,Frank A. VP Student Affairs Asst to VP/Dir of Technology
Smith, Teresa VP Student Affairs - Business Unit Business Manager
Sutherland,Robin K. VP Student Affairs - Business Unit Business Manager
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