SGA Building Our Nest

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“We, the members of the student body of the University of Louisville, recognizing the need for a representative, functional, and democratic form of student government at the University-wide level, do hereby establish this Student Government Association as the student governing body of this institution.” —SGA Constitution

We believe that our Student Government Association (SGA) at the University of Louisville adds an undeniable value to our campus community. SGA provides the opportunity for students to develop into campus leaders, business leaders, and eventually community leaders. The knowledge, relationships, dedication to service, and experiences that students have with SGA creates a lasting impact on their careers and more importantly their lives.

The SGA Building Our Nest Fund is an initiative created to expand and endow sustainable funding for the Student Government Association and its programs. The goals of this fund are to assist SGA in accomplishing its duties and goals for the UofL community. The campaign gives students, alumni, families, and friends of UofL the opportunity to provide lasting and perpetual funds to support future SGA campus leaders.

By giving to the SGA Building Our Nest Fund, your donation will allow SGA to focus more funds directly back to the students, helping to enrich their social, cultural, and intellectual experience while at the University of Louisville.

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