2017 Profiles in Leadership

Alexsis Carter
President, Association of Black Students

“The Student Involvement Office helped me discover leadership and service opportunities that prompted me to become more connected with my campus and community.”

Amanda Nitzken
Political Science
Executive Vice President, Student Government Association

“I have never felt such a strong sense of belonging like I do here at UofL. These individuals, groups, and experiences have laid a solid foundation for me to be a strong leader.”



Ameenah Ikram
Psychology & Sociology
Diversity and Spirit & Traditions, Student Activities Board

“Being involved on both committees has given me a platform to execute events that are educational and very fun, while expressing my school spirit in a creative light that help create unity on campus.”

Avery Pryor
Vice Chair Outreach, Student Activities Board

“Campus involvement allowed me to transform myself into the leader I am today. The friends I made and the impact I have on students strengthen ed my love for this great university!”


Ben Taussig
Chemical Engineering
Director of Finance, Student Activities Board

“I have been able to connect with people throughout UofL and the Louisville community as a whole to enact positive change while planning many events that provide value and educational experience to students.”

Blake Manion
Public Health
President, Public Health & Information Sciences Student Council

“Getting involved in the Office of Student Involvement has provided me with a network of driven people that I know will extend far beyond college!”

Brian Czerwonka
President, Nursing Student Council

“I have been able to connect with students from all disciplines to create a variety of social and service opportunities for everyone.”

Brittany Lowe
Trustees Scholar

“Being involved on campus has taught me what truly makes the University of Louisville so special, and why I myself, along with many other amazing people, am a special part of it.”


Caleb Bridgwater
Assistant Director Training & Leadership, Engage Lead Serve Board

“My experience on campus wouldn’t be the same without the friendships and sense of belonging I’ve found here, and my leadership style and love for the community is enriched by the support I’ve been given.”

De’Anna Benson
Social Work
President, Zeta Phi Beta Sorority

“The opportunities that I have been exposed to have shaped the person that I am today. The leadership skills have opened my horizons for career paths and roles that I did not expect to exist.”


Destinee Germany
Chair, Student Activities Board Diversity Committee

“Involvement has really and truly challenged my ways of thinking, improved my leadership skills, and allowed me to develop into the best version of myself that I can possibly be.”

Elshadai Smith-Mensah
Director of Reflections, Freshmen LEAD

“I have been given the opportunity to grow through involvement on campus, to be continually inspired, and equipped with the tools to create positive change!”

Erin Burke
Promotions Director, Engage Lead Serve Board

“The Office of Student Involvement furthered my passion to make a positive impact, not only at the university, but also in my community by giving me leadership tools that I can use on a regular basis and in my future career.”

Gabrielle Oropilla
Outreach Chair, Student Activities Board

“Serving UofL’s underrepresented student populations has helped me develop as a student leader. I have found friendships that I cherish and appreciate what it means to be a part of the Cardinal community!”


Gina Passanisi
Secondary Education
Vice Chair Campus Life, Student Activities Board

“Getting involved in the Office of Student Involvement allowed me to make relationships that I might not have otherwise made. I have been challenged to continue thinking in new ways.”

Gisselle Sierra
Political Science
Front Desk Assistant, Office of Student Involvement

“Working in the Student Involvement office allowed me to grow as an individual. I allow them to learn from me, while I learn from them.”


Jamie Smith
REACH Ambassador

“It’s always a wonderful feeling going into the Office of Student Involvement and seeing so many people want to help me in so many ways. I’ve grown as a person, leader, and student in this office.”

Jayna Winchester
Computer Information Systems
PR Coordinator, Porter Scholars Executive Board

“Being involved on campus with leadership and service will provide the experience and influence I need to make the UofL community more inclusive and change the community for the better.”


Jesse Bailey
Political Science
Director of External Affairs, Student Government Association

“Becoming involved in the Student Involvement office helped me maximize my time at UofL as not only a student, but a professional as well.”

Jonathan Fuller
Chair Engaging Issues Committee, Student Activities Board

“Getting involved helped me by opening my eyes to something greater than myself. I have learned what it means to be an effective leader and to serve for the common good of others. I am thankful to UofL for giving me so many great opportunities to serve.”


Katie Mulligan
Criminal Justice
Site Research Coordinator, Alternative Service Break Board

“My involvement on campus afforded the opportunities to build a network of like-minded students, faculty, and staff who I share passions with about social issues and challenge me to become a more driven young woman.”

Lauren Brooks
Woodford R. Porter Scholar

“Without the Office of Student Involvement I would not have started branching out into the university and I would not have all of the friends I have now.”


Minoru Chou
Freshmen LEAD

“Being involved has helped me meet a lot of peers and mentors that I would like to continue working with to make not only my experience as a UofL Cardinal better, but better for others as well.”

Natalia Bilchuk
Doctor of Medicine
President, Medical School Student Council

“My involvement in leadership allowed me to build a team within the Medical School to better serve our student body and create a collaborative culture that breeds better patient-focused physicians of the future.”




Peggy Schnell
Business Economics
Director of Global Initiatives, Engage Lead Serve Board

“Getting involved has resulted in relationships with like-minded student leaders that have enhanced my experiences beyond the classroom at UofL.”

Phillip Bradley
Vice President, The Society of Porter Scholars

“Getting involved in the Office of Student Involvement has affected my experience as a UofL Cardinal by inspiring me to chase after my career dreams, and challenging me to be the example others look up to.”


Shelby Hatfield
Environmental Geography
Associate Director Green Initiatives, Engage Lead Serve Board

“Leadership and service opportunities have taught me the power of people and prepared me with the skills I need to create positive social change in the area of environmental justice.”