Panhellenic Sorority Recruitment

At the University of Louisville, our Panhellenic sororities participate in one formal recruitment process each year.  It occurs after classes begin for the fall semester.

Fall 2019 Panhellenic Recruitment will take place over two weekends following the first and second week of classes.  The dates are August 23rd-August 25th and August 31-September 2nd!

To register for Fall 2019 Panhellenic Recruitment, click here.

About Panhellenic Formal Recruitment:

What is Panhellenic formal recruitment? 

Formal recruitment is a process coordinated by the College Panhellenic Council (CPH) and is the best way to meet all eight National Panhellenic Conference sororities at UofL. As a new or returning student, formal recruitment allows you to get connected on campus and form a network of close friends within just a few days. Recruitment is a six day series of events that takes place over two weekends in August/September after classes begin where the chapters get to know you, and you get to know the women of each chapter. 

Why should I participate in formal recruitment? 

Participation in formal recruitment allows women the opportunity to connect to the campus community immediately. Women who register for recruitment are placed in small groups with fellow students participating in the recruitment process. Each small group has two to three assigned Panhellenic Recruitment Ambassadors or “PRAs” that serve as mentors and provide guidance to women in their group. The recruitment process allows women to create bonds and find a support system within the first few weeks of classes.

How do I register? 

You can register online by clicking here. Registration ends August 23rd. Be prepared to provide academic information, including an unofficial transcript, and your involvement in high school/college clubs and organizations. There is a $40 registration fee which covers one meal, snacks, and t-shirt during the recruitment process. This fee also assists in helping the College Panhellenic Council execute a successful and smooth formal recruitment week. 

What is a Panhellenic Recruitment Ambassador (PRA)? 

A Panhellenic Recruitment Ambassador (PRA) is a woman who is a member of a sorority and has disaffiliated from her chapter in order to facilitate the recruitment experience for potential members. PRAs provide support, friendship, and personal guidance to women going through the recruitment process. A PRA’s primary responsibility is to help potential members have a positive recruitment experience and solve any problems a potential member might encounter. 

Panhellenic Formal Recruitment - Tentative Schedule of Events:

Kick-Off (August 23rd):

Kick-Off is an event designed for women participating in recruitment to learn more details about the process and what to expect over the days that follow. Topics will include attire, schedule, new member programs, and how to make the most out of your recruitment experience. Time will also be spent helping women better understand the UofL Panhellenic sorority community. 

Attire: Casual – t-shirts, shorts, etc. 

Open House Round (August 24th):

During the first round of recruitment, you will attend events at each of the eight sororities. These events are 30 minutes in length and you will have the opportunity to meet women from every chapter. This is a great time to get to know our sororities and begin thinking about how you would be able to contribute to each one. 

Attire: A recruitment t-shirt will be provided. It can be worn with shorts, skirts and sandals, or flats. 

Philanthropy Round (August 25th):

During round two you will have the opportunity to attend a maximum of six events. Each event will be 45 minutes in length. You will learn about each sorority’s national and local philanthropy during this round and how service impacts the sorority experience. 

Attire: This is a good day to wear a sundress or skirt and comfortable shoes. 

Sisterhood Round (August 31st):

Round three is a time when sororities showcase their chapter’s personality, sisterhood, and so much more. This is a perfect night to ask any questions you have about each particular sorority you will be visiting. During this round, you will have the opportunity to attend a maximum of four events. Each event will last 45 minutes. 

Attire: Similar to philanthropy round, sundresses and skirts are appropriate. 

Preference (September 1st):

Preference night is a time when potential members have the opportunity to attend a maximum of two events. Each event will last one hour. Preference night is serious in nature and is a time when members explain the values of their organization. This is a time for you to consider how each sorority’s values can make a difference in your life. 

Attire: Dressy, cocktail attire 

Bid Day (September 2nd):

This is the day you will receive an invitation (bid) to the sorority you were matched with through the mutual selection process. You will then travel with your sorority to their welcoming event. 

Attire: Casual bottoms. You will be given a bid shirt after bids are distributed.

Other Frequently Asked Questions:

Do I have to attend all events during formal recruitment? 

Yes, it is extremely important that you attend all events on your schedule in good faith. This gives you the opportunity to keep your options open and connect with more women. Sometimes students participating in the process have academic conflicts or extenuating circumstances that may prevent them from attending all events. Be sure to address any potential conflicts with your recruitment counselors. 

What if I go through recruitment and decide sorority life is not for me? 

You are under no obligation to join a sorority just because you participate in the recruitment process. You are encouraged to participate in recruitment because it is an excellent opportunity for you to learn about sorority life and meet new friends. 

Is there a GPA requirement? 

The College Panhellenic Council does not require a minimum GPA to participate in the recruitment process, however, CPH strongly recommends having a minimum 2.75 cumulative GPA from high school or college. Having below a 2.75 GPA may drastically decrease your chance of receiving an invitation to join. 

What if I only want to be in a certain sorority? 

Only wanting to be a member of one specific sorority or only considering a few sororities can severely limit your options for membership and can lead to disappointment. In order to make the most of your experience and time at of UofL, don’t limit your options based on stereotypes or other people’s opinions. All eight sororities offer an unparalleled experience no other organizations can match. 


Recruitment for Phi Sigma Rho

Phi Sigma Rho, a social engineering sorority and associate member of the University of Louisville College Panhellenic Council, recruits in the Fall and Spring, typically during the second or third week of classes. We encourage all who are interested in this organization to reach out the the organization directly.