We Need Your Feedback

  • In April and May 2022, the strategic plan co-chairs gathered feedback from university faculty, staff, students, alumni, friends and other stakeholders on the first draft of the 2022-25 strategic plan. Based on this feedback, revisions were made and the second draft of the 2022-25 strategic plan was released in June 2022. Feedback on this second draft will be collected in June and July 2022. Final revisions will be made to the Strategic Plan based on this feedback, with implementation of the 2022-25 Strategic Plan to begin September 2022.
  • As you review the draft of the 2022-25 Strategic Plan, you will notice a few differences between the strategic plan in this draft and the current 2019-22 Strategic Plan.
  • The current INVEST strategic goal was replaced with the DISCOVER and CONNECT goals to better capture our vision for research and scholarship as well as the many ways in which UofL actively partners with the region and world.
  • The new plan draft is more high-level. Developers chose to focus on the primary goals and desired outcomes without pre-determining exactly which activities must be performed. This allows for more flexibility during implementation since those charged with implantation can use the expertise of the entire UofL community to determine detailed activity plans.
  • Strategic Plan 2022-25 annual reports will include the details of implemented initiatives and our progress in specific metrics.

  • The new plan focuses on goals and actions that are not part of our standard operating procedures as an active R1 metropolitan university.