The Staff Senate

Information for the Staff of the University of Louisville


The Staff Senate of the University of Louisville met at 2:30pm on Monday, June 8, 2015 in the Chao Auditorium, Ekstrom Library, on Belknap Campus, Chair Angela Lewis-Klein, presiding.



A&S: Caroline Stephens, Marian Vasser, Cynthia Jeffery, Ginger Brown DENTAL SCHOOL: Laura McKinney, Vickie Tencer, Lisa Wade EDUCATION: Alex McWilliams, Shannon Frey SIGS: Jackie Fryer KENTSCHOOL: Kim Rogers LAW: Angela Beverly MEDICAL SCHOOL: Skip Hurley, Kent Gardner, Tatyana Tarakanova, Sherry Gainous, Gray Southard, Bret Hirsch, LeAnn Taylor, Bob Cochran, Carol Norton, Patty Moon, Will Armstrong, Ellie Fridell, Lihua Zhang NURSING SCHOOL: Molly Hall PRESIDENT’S OFFICE: Tammy Lawson PROVOST’S OFFICE: Stephanie Reibert, Will Adamchik, Erika DeSha  PUBLIC HEALTH: Vicki Lewis VP-ATH: Sabrina Haug, Carla Meredith VP-BA: Sally Molsberger, Sandy Russell, Jill Riede, Aaron Graham, David Schlaegel, Melissa Shuter, William Taylor, Kim Noltemeyer, Stephen Cotton, Steve Colston, Rhonda Gilliland VP-HEALTH AFFAIRS: Jennifer Knight-Steier VP-HR: Kathryn Doaty VP-IT: Aaron Phillips, Kathy Brashear, John Morgan VP-R: Ann LaPerle, Angela Lewis-Klein VP-SA: Laurel Hajek, John Smith VP-UA: Bonnie Dean



BUSINESS: Karen Nalley DENTAL SCHOOL: Jackie Wells LIBRAIRES: Rachel Hodge MEDICAL SCHOOL: Jessica Roth, Jennifer Hall, Amy Reid, James McCracken MUSIC SCHOOL: Debby Kalbfleisch PROVOST’S OFFICE: Wes Partin, Valerie Casey VP-ATH: Meg Peavy VP-BA: Anthony Logsdon VP-CE: Susan Jenkins VP-F: Martyna Warren


COO/CFO: Harlan Sands

Faculty Senate Representative: Bob Staat

SGA Representative: Kaylee Brandt

ULARP Representative: Bev Daly

PRESS: Janet Cappiello (UofL Today)

Staff Senate Coordinator: Gretchen Henry


CALL TO ORDER – Chair Lewis-Klein

Determining the presence of a quorum, Chair Lewis-Klein called the meeting to order.

ACTION ITEM: Approval of the April meeting Minutes – Chair Lewis-Klein

The minutes from the May 11, 2015 meeting were approved unanimously as distributed.

REPORT: Chief Financial Officer – Mr. Harlan Sands

Mr. Sands reported that he had attended the Board of Trustees meeting last week to present the structural changes he is proposing. He will announce them after all involved are told. He thanked the Staff Senate for participating in the process of staff raises. This year there was 100% participation, as compared to last year’s 7%. The merit component helped that increase. That was the first step in changing for next year. The information on how well the evaluation tool works is in. If supervisors are not doing their part, we will now be able to address it. There are still some kinks to work out, but it is a great start. Then, Mr. Sands opened the floor for questions and answers. Asked about the credit union situation, Mr. Sands responded that he reached out to Kentucky Telco, but they were not interested in renewing their Belknap Campus lease. He is working on a university-wide plan for all staff and employees. He is putting out a competitive bid and hopes to get a full partner that will offer more services. He is writing an RFP for credit unions and is talking to some banks that UofL does business with. Then, Senator McWilliams said that he had never seen so much strife as after the email was sent about the salary increase. He said it was poorly written and poorly sent and gave the impression that there was a huge inequality between faculty and staff. Mr. Sands responded by thanking him for the feedback and that he takes full responsibility for it. He said the concept was good and it was meant to change the atmosphere from across-the-board to merit. He concluded by saying, at the July Staff Senate meeting he will discuss the new administrative structure.


ACTION ITEM: Officer Elections – Parliamentarian Shuter

Parliamentarian Shuter read the list of officer candidates:

  • Secretary-Treasurer: Vickie Tencer
    • A motion to seat Vickie Tencer by acclamation passed unanimously.
    • Vice Chair: William Armstrong
      • A motion to seat William Armstrong by acclamation passed unanimously.
      • Chair: Steve Colston and Angela Lewis-Klein
        • Names were picked to see which candidate spoke first.
        • Angela Lewis-Klein read her statement first – 3 minute limit.
        • Steve Colston read his statement – 3 minute limit.
        • Then the Parliamentarian opened the floor for a 10 minute Q&A.
        • The Parliamentarian then called for C&N Committee members to distribute the ballots. After collecting the ballots, the committee left to count them. The results will be given later in the meeting.


REPORT: Faculty Senate Representative - Staat

The Faculty Senate met on June 3rd in the Dental School. Interim Provost Pinto reported on graduation numbers, dean searches and reviews and that John Usher will be the Interim Dean at the Speed School. CFO Harlan Sands gave an update on administrative changes and the new Belknap academic building. President Ramsey gave an overview of the state budget.


Parliamentarian Shuter announced the 2015 Officer Election results: Angela Lewis-Klein was elected Chair. The Vice Chair and Secretary-Treasurer nominees ran unopposed and were seated by acclamation.

REPORT: Student Government – Kaylee Brandt

The SGA top 4 officers are transitioning from last year. Ms. Brandt reported on several points: the L Trail lights are up and very bright; the SGA will host Blue Light, an event during Welcome Week; there are 6 locations on campus for meal-swipes; the Ville Grill now has a to-go option and extended hours; and, the SGA will participate in Freshman Orientation to get new students aware and involved in student government.



REPORTS: Staff Senate Standing Committees – Armstrong

  • Committees & Nominations (C&N) – Jeffrey
    • Senator Jeffery read the unit election results.
    • Asked for a motion to seat the newly—elected senators and to make seats MED15, VP-IT02 and VP-HA02 At Large.
      • The motion passed unanimously.
  • C&N Committee members passed out ballots for the At Large election. Chair Jeffery reminded senators to vote for 3 names.
    • Election results will be available after the tie run-off election is closed on Thursday.
    • Asked about the number of senators, she replied that it is always 75, but the number within a unit may change.
    • Senator Cochran added that a count is done each February 1st for the following July. For example, VP-Finance and VP-Business Affairs became one unit. The combined 13 seats went to 12 because some employees moved to the Foundation, which is under the President’s Office.
    • Policy, Economics & Development (PED) – Metcalf
      • This committee did not meet.

Services & Facilities (S&F) – Gardner

  • This committee did not meet.
  • Staff Grievance Committee (SGC) – Adamchik
    • No grievances have been filed.
    • Staff Help & Relief Effort (SHARE) – Norton
      • This committee met to discuss similar programs at other schools and is compiling information for next year.
      • Staff Morale & Community Outreach (SMCO) – Phillips
        • The committee did not meet. Birthdays for May and June were announced.

REPORT: Secretary-Treasurer – Southard

  • The General Fund has a balance of about $1800.00.
  • The SHARE account has a balance of about $7600.
  • The Technology Fund remains at $2500.00.

REPORT: Staff Senate Chair – Lewis-Klein

This report was online. A brief discussion took place on the performance ratings, supervisor trainings and the confusion on how the salary increase was to be distributed.

REPORTS: University-Wide Committees

University Police Advisory Committee (UPAC) - Cotton

  • This report was available online.


  • Asked why there were so many Senate applications this year, Chair Lewis-Klein responded that the unit calls produced a lot of interest and the relatively few At Large seats that are available added to the large number and elections.
  • Asked about the call for members for the HSC Faculty/Staff Advisory Committee, Chair Lewis-Klein replied that she is waiting on approval for the names that were submitted (Sabrina Haug and Jill Riede). The HSC Shared Services Work Group has representation with senators Molsberger, Armstrong, Gilliland and Gardner.



Chair Lewis-Klein announced that Senator Bob Cochran is retiring on June 30, 2015. As a parting gift and remembrance, the Staff Senate is presenting him with a brick at the Red Barn.

Senator Cochran said it had been fun every step of the way and that everybody should do some sort of selfless service. He said that was instilled in him from his mother’s words: “No matter what you do; no matter what you touch; make it better than what it was.”

He said he was very proud to have 40 years of service in the Staff Senate.

The Senate gave him a standing ovation. And then, he curtsied.


The meeting adjourned at 4:10 p.m.