The Staff Senate

Information for the Staff of the University of Louisville



APRIL 13, 2015


The Staff Senate of the University of Louisville met at 2:30pm on Monday, April 13, 2015 in the Chao Auditorium, Ekstrom Library, on Belknap Campus, Chair Angela Lewis-Klein, presiding.



A&S: Caroline Stephens, Marian Vasser, Cynthia Jeffery, Ginger Brown BUSINESS: Karen Nalley DENTAL SCHOOL: Jackie Wells, Vickie Tencer, Lisa Wade EDUCATION: Shannon Frey GRAD SCHOOL: Jackie Fryer KENT SCHOOL: Kim Rogers LAW SCHOOL: Angela Beverly LIBRARIES: Rachel Hodge MEDICAL SCHOOL: Kent Gardner, Tatyana Tarakanova, Jessica Roth, Patricia Edwards-Kesterson, Gary Southard, Jennifer Hall, Bret Hirsch, Bob Cochran, Carol Norton, Patty Moon, William Armstrong, Ellie Fridell, James McCracken, Li Hua Zhang MUSIC SCHOOL: Debby Kalbfleisch NURSING SCHOOL: Molly Hall PROVOST OFFICE: Stephanie Reibert, Will Adamchik, Wes Partin, Erika DeSha PUBLIC HEALTH: Vicki Lewis SPEED SCHOOL: Patti Williams VP-ATH: Meg Peavy, Sabrina Haug, Carla Meredith VP-BA: Sally Molsberger, Jill Riede, Aaron Graham, David Schlaegel, Melissa Shuter, William Taylor, Kim Noltemeyer, Stephen Cotton, Anthony Logsdon, Steve Colston, VP-CE: Susan Jenkins VP-HA: Jennifer Knight-Steier VP-HR: Kathryn Doaty VP-IT: Kathy Brashear,  John Morgan VP-R: Ann LaPerle, Angela Lewis-Klein VP-SA: Laurel Hajek, John Smith VP-UA: Bonnie Dean



DENTAL SCHOOL: Laura McKinney EDUCATION: Alex McWilliams MEDICAL SCHOOL: Skip Hurley, Sherry Gainous, Lana Metzler, Vicki Brzezinski, Amy Reid, LeAnn Taylor, Janis Clayton PRESIDENT OFFICE: Tammy Lawson PROVOST OFFICE: Valerie Casey SPEED SCHOOL: Wendy Metcalf VP-BA: Sandy Russell, Rhonda Gilliland VP-F: Martyna Warren VP-IT: Aaron Phillips


Guests: Provost Shirley Willihnganz, Darrell Griffith, Jeanell Hughes

COO/CFO: Harlan Sands

Faculty Senate Representative: Bob Staat

SGA Representative: Morgan Cooksey

ULARP Representative: Bev Daly

PRESS: Janet Cappiello (UofL Today)

Staff Senate Coordinator: Gretchen Henry


CALL TO ORDER – Lewis-Klein

Determining the presence of a quorum, Chair Lewis-Klein called the meeting to order.

ACTION ITEM: Approval of the March meeting Minutes – Lewis-Klein

The minutes from the March 9, 2015 meeting were approved unanimously as distributed.

REPORT: Student Government Representative – Cooksey

Ms. Cooksey reported that the L Trail has been approved and will be completed by the end of the semester; the Chevron Lot at 4th and Cardinal Boulevard has been zoned for student parking; the SGA is participating in the Greener Grads program that recycles graduation gowns; the SGA passed a resolution approving the SAC renovation and the increased student use area; and, introduced the new SGA representative, Kaylee Brandt.


DISCUSSION: Q&A with the Provost – Willihnganz

Provost Willihnganz started by saying that this particular SGA leadership team has been one of the best to work with. This will be her last month as Provost and her last Staff Senate meeting. Updating on the status of the Master Plan for Belknap Campus, the Provost said all the RFPs for the building have been sent and decisions have not been finalized regarding the location of the new building and the proposed promenade. Due to changes in current teaching and learning methods, there are many issues to consider about how the building will be used in the future. There will be lots of collaboration and group work with high-tech, innovated and self-directed student learning. A department or office will be needed to anchor the new building, to assume ownership and take care of it. It will need rooms that are high tech and flexible enough for the various uses. Dr. Willihnganz reported that the changes to Floyd Street will be amazing when it’s done. Asked when that might be, she said about 6 months. Asked about the salary increase, she said it depends on how much money is available. After she thanked the Senate for working with her over the years, she was given a standing ovation.

REPORT: Chief Financial Officer – Sands

Mr. Sands reported that even though the SAC renovation will have long-term maintenance issues, it is exciting for students, staff, faculty and our partners. Good news will be coming on this soon. Regarding the new academic building on Belknap, construction will begin later this year after design decisions are finalized. Asked about any plans to fix the problems in the Houchens Building, he said that funding is the issue, though the real question is whether to invest more into the building or to consider other possible alternatives. He has spoken with the city about working on the flooding issues. Classroom renovations in various buildings on Belknap will take place over the summer. This will have a huge impact for students. Following up on the closing of the Kentucky Telco branch, Mr. Sands said they did not want to renew their lease and an agreement could not be reached with them and this is good time to make a change. He has spoken with other credit unions who are excited to work with us.  Reporting on the looming encryption changes that are mandated for federal compliance, he said that it must be done this way to be compliant. Any device that has access to the UofL system must be encrypted – phones, lap tops, kindles, etc. This is not unreasonable with the use of so many devices and the high threat of breaking into our system. The budget looks very strong and a budget workshop for the Board of Trustees will be held at the May meeting. We are keeping costs down, which should produce enough funding for a salary increase. Asked about Barnes & Noble remaining in the SAC, Mr. Sands said that they are a prime investor and a new contract can be negotiated. The space they have now is not being optimized, so it could change. Asked if he would be willing meet with Physical Plant staff, Mr. Sands said he would. Senate Chair Lewis-Klein stated that the across-the-board application of the weather policy has become a recent issue. Mr. Sands replied that with Interim HR Director Jeanell Hughes, all these issues can be worked out.


INTRODUCTION and Q&A: Interim HR Director – Hughes

Senate Chair Lewis-Klein gave a brief background and introduced Ms. Hughes.

She has prioritized 3 areas that need immediate review:

  • Processes: UofL employment from start to finish. This is a huge undertaking to review all processes, how they work and how they can be improved. She will ask the Staff Senate for feedback.
  • Performance management: not a job review, but a way to develop employees through expectations and communication. This will require a change in the current culture.
  • Policy review: There are many of them and they are a mess! She is prioritizing them. Some are set by the federal government. She will work with Dave Barker on a searchable Policy Library, which will be stylistically consistent.

Her long-term vision includes:

  • Rewards for performance
  • Talent management
  • Service excellence (within HR)
  • Compliance (laws, regulations, etc.)


REPORT: Update on HSC Shared Services - Southard

Senator Southard introduced Mr. Darrell Griffith, the Associate Vice President for Health Affairs/CFO, to open the presentation.  Mr. Griffith said that some of the decisions were difficult, but from a business and human perspective, they should prove to be good ones. He said that Chair Lewis-Klein has been very instrumental in helping the steering committee. He said that they don’t have all the answers today, but working together will get us there. This is not only a cost-savings. We are doing this, primarily, to run more efficiently as we grow. And we are growing extraordinarily quickly. Our business substructure is below par and it needs to be up to the task. We need our business practices strong enough to support the growth.

Then, Senator Southard, who is overseeing the implementation of the program on HSC, began his presentation. He reported that there are 4 major areas that will be restructured: purchasing; reconciliation; financial transactions; and, HR – payroll, timekeeping, FMLA, and recruitment. He then opened a Power Point and addressed each slide (5), ranging from the overall time, governance structure and what to expect next. It is expected that all will be in place by July 2015.  The areas that will be voluntarily participating in this pilot program are: Medicine, Dentistry, Nursing, Public Health, and ULP. There will be realignment of jobs, including in areas in non-shared services offices. Asked if there will be a cap on the number of physicians assigned to staff, Mr. Griffith said that in making this decision, our benchmarks will be considered. The work groups involved in these changes are made up of people from each area. From the beginning, Dr. Dunn has wanted to make improvements from the ground up.  Senator Southard said that this is to be open and transparent and to phone or email him with any questions or concerns. Chair Lewis-Klein asked for 2 senators willing to serve on the advising committee to send her an email.


REPORT: Secretary-Treasurer – Southard

  • The General Fund has a balance of about $2500.00.
  • The SHARE account has a balance of about $11,600.
  • The Technology Fund remains at $2500.00.

REPORT: Faculty Senate Representative - Staat

Dr. Staat said most of his report had been covered. He noted that the legislature had approved funding for research at UK and road improvements; the CPE is developing a funding model for all state institutions; the budget goes to the Board of Trustees in Junes; and, the Foundation has added $143M to the UofL budget.


REPORTS: Staff Senate Standing Committees – Armstrong

  • Committees & Nominations (C&N) – Jeffrey
    • This committee has not met. Preparing for the new year, forms will be sent out and unit calls made.
    • Policy, Economics & Development (PED) – Brashear
      • This committee is meeting on April 28th and has invited Interim HR Director Jeanell Hughes to attend.
      • Services & Facilities (S&F) – Gardner
        • This committee did not meet and has no new issues.
        • Staff Grievance Committee (SGC) – Adamchik
          • No grievances have been filed. Aaron Graham was elected committee Vice Chair.
          • Staff Help & Relief Effort (SHARE) – Norton
            • There was 1 new application last month. The committee will meet later this month. Because of the difficulty in paying some bills, we will now require that bills can only be paid if the company is an approved vendor or is willing to become one.
            • Staff Morale & Community Outreach (SMCO) – Jenkins
              • This committee met on April 2nd and discussed the pilot Day of Service on Friday, April 17th. All the chosen sites are fully staffed with volunteers. Volunteers will meet at 8:30 at Grawemeyer Hall, sign in, pick up a T shirt, board their bus and head out to the site. Lunch will be provided and we will return to campus at 4 for the reflection time. Next year, there will be more sites offered to accommodate the amount of interest shown.

REPORT: Staff Senate Chair – Lewis-Klein

This report was online. There was no discussion.

REPORTS: University-Wide Committees

University Police Advisory Committee (UPAC)  - Cotton

This report was online and Senator Cotton went over it.


Human Resources Advisory Committee (HRAC) – Jeffery

This committee met with Jeanell Hughes, the Interim HR Director. The committee is looking forward to working with her in seeking solutions to current issues.



Staff Grievance Officer – Russell

No grievances have been filed.


The meeting adjourned at 4:05.