The Staff Senate

Information for the Staff of the University of Louisville



FEBRUARY 9, 2015

The Staff Senate of the University of Louisville met at 2:30pm on Monday, February 9, 2015 in the Chao Auditorium, Ekstrom Library, on Belknap Campus, Chair Angela Lewis-Klein, presiding.



A&S: Caroline Stephens, Marian Vasser, Cynthia Jeffery BUSINESS: Karen Nalley DENTISTRY: Laura McKinney, Jackie wells, Lisa Wade EDUCATION: Alex McWilliams, Shannon Frey SIGS: Jackie Fryer LAW SCHOOL: Angela Beverly LIBRARIES: Rachel Hodge MEDICAL SCHOOL: Skip Hurley, Kent Gardner, Tatyana Tarakanova, Jessica Roth, Sherry Gainous, Gary Southard, Jennifer Hall, Lana Metzler, Vicki Brzezinski, Bret Hirsch, Amy Reid, LeAnn Taylor, Bob Cochran, Carol Norton, Will Armstrong, Janis Clayton, Ellie Fridell MUSIC: Debby Kalbfleisch PRESIDENT’S OFFICE: Tammy Lawson PROVOST’S OFFICE: Stephanie Reibert, Will Adamchik, Wes Partin, Erika DeSha, Valerie Casey PUBLIC HEALTH: Vicki Lewis SPEED SCHOOL: Patti Williams, Wendy Metcalf VP-ATHLETICS: Meg Peavy, Sabrina Haug, Carla Meredith VP-BUSINESS AFFAIRS: Sally Molsberger, Sandy Russell, Jill Riede, Aaron Graham, David Schlaegel, Melissa Shuter, Kim Noltemeyer, Stephen Cotton, Anthony Logsdon, Rhonda Gilliland VP-COMMUNITY ENGAGEMENT: Susan Jenkins VP-FINANCE: Martyna Warren VP-HEALTH AFFAIRS: Jennifer Knight-Steier VP-HUMAN RESOURCES: Kathryn Doaty VP-INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY: Aaron Phillips, Kathy Brashear, John Morgan VP-RESEARCH: Ann LaPerle, Angela Lewis-Klein VP-STUDENT AFFAIRS: Laurel Hajek, John Smith VP-UNIVERSITY ADVANCEMENT: Bonnie Dean


A&S: Ginger Brown DENTISTRY: Vickie Tencer KENT SCHOOL: Kim Rogers MEDICAL SCHOOL: Brett Steele, Patricia Edwards-Kesterson, Patty Moon, James McCracken, LiHua Zhang NURSING: Molly Hall VP-BUSINESS AFIARS: William Taylor, Steve Colston


VP-Human Resources: CFO Harlan Sands

Faculty Senate Representative:

SGA Representative:

ULARP Representative: Bev Daly

Guests: Vice President Dan Hall, Wendy Smithson

PRESS: Janet Cappiello (UofL Today)

Staff Senate Coordinator: Gretchen Henry


CALL TO ORDER – Lewis-Klein

Determining the presence of a quorum, Chair Lewis-Klein called the meeting to order.

ACTION ITEM: Approval of the December meeting Minutes – Lewis-Klein

The minutes from the December 8th, 2014 meeting were approved unanimously as distributed.

DISCUSSION: Q&A with the Provost – Willihnganz

Dr. Willihnganz started the discussion off by explaining her reasons for stepping down as provost. She said the average length of service for a provost is 2.7 years and she has been in the position for 15 years. Turning to the 21st Century Initiatives, the Provost reported that she met with department chairs from across the University last week and identified 12 areas for academic and research focus. Some of these had been discussed before and will require collaboration between and within units. The changing world is also reflected in our student body. Looking with an eye towards globalization in all areas, it is evident that some of our students need our assistance to succeed on this platform. We currently have students who need remedial assistance to succeed to graduation and there are thousands of Jefferson County residents with college credits, but no degree. These student issues need to be addressed. Another area of focus is the culture at the University. The perception here is that policies are not fairly or consistently implemented, which can lead to resentment. In order for the trajectory of excellence to continue, better communication and implementation of policies needs to happen. Finally, how do we continue upward with a flat budget? We have put the search for a new budget model off for another year, so we can work on our structures. HSC is working with a consultant on the service centers and, on Belknap, we are going to slow down to see what comes out of the HSC report. The Board of trustees has mandated changes, due to the fraud in the past. We have hired Harlan Sands as CFO to oversee all financial systems. All deans were asked to name their own   UFOs (unit financial officers) who will report to directly up to Harlan on Belknap campus and to Darryl Griffith (CFO for HSC) on HSC  who will report to Harlan. The financial reporting line will be the same through the units, and, ultimately to Harlan.

REPORT: Chief Financial Officer –  Harlan Sands

Power Point Presentation

PRESENTATION: Community Engagement – Dan Hall

Power Point Presentation

REPORT: Faculty Senate Representative- Staat

No report was made

REPORT: Secretary-Treasurer – Southard

  • The General Fund has a balance of about $4800.00.
  • The SHARE account has a balance of about $10,890.
  • The Technology Fund remains at $2500.00.



REPORT: Student Government Representative – Cooksey

No report was made.

REPORTS: Staff Senate Standing Committees – Armstrong

  • Committees & Nominations (C&N) – Jeffrey
    • No report was made. The Staff Grievance Committee had 1 vacancy.
    • Policy, Economics & Development (PED) – Metcalf
      • This committee did not meet.
      • Services & Facilities (S&F) – Hurley
        • This committee did not meet.
        • Staff Grievance Committee (SGC) – Adamchik
          • One new grievance was filed at the end of December, but has been resolved.
          • Staff Help & Relief Effort (SHARE) – Norton
            • This committee reviewed 2 applications in December and 4 in January. One was fully funded at $1000. One application is waiting clarification and 4 were denied. The revised guidelines and application are now online. Asked why 4 applications were denied, Senator Norton explained that 1 application was a conflict of interest and 3  did not meet the revised guidelines. She also mentioned that the guidelines need further tightening to make them more streamlined. Asked if applicants can appeal the committee’s decision, she replied that is not possible. A brief discussion of the SHARE Program took place. Senator Russell asked if the Staff Senate could remove itself from this program. Senate Chair Lewis-Klein replied that tightening up the guidelines might be a better first step.
            • Staff Morale & Community Outreach (SMCO) – Jenkins
              • This committee recognized senators whose birthdays took place in January and February.  It also met via email and considered the survey results to determine the interest level of participating in a volunteer community event. 43 responded to the survey, with 88% in favor of the event. A brief discussion took place on what activity senators would choose for participation. Suggestions are to be sent to Susan Jenkins.

REPORT: Staff Senate Chair – Lewis-Klein

This report was online. Asked who to contact in HR, Chair Lewis-Klein replied that Dana Hummel is now our point person. When asked how to handle the letter sent via mass email by former VPHR, the Chair said  there was no new information in the email and further the email was not an endorsed email to the group, so the best course was to just ignore it and not to send out to the constituents. . The letter did raise some valid questions concerning savings from healthcare and Senator Smith requested information for his constituents. Chair Lewis-Klein has received from administration an explanation of how savings are handled which will be sent out by the Chair to the Senate.


REPORTS: University-Wide Committees

  • ACADEMIC TECHNOLOGY COMMITTEE (ATC) – This committee meets tomorrow.
  • UNIVERSITY POLICE ADVISORY COMMITTEE – The committee met and had a very good meeting.



The meeting adjourned at 4:25.