The Staff Senate

Information for the Staff of the University of Louisville


The Staff Senate of the University of Louisville met at 2:30pm on Monday, July 13, 2015 in the Chao Auditorium, Ekstrom Library, on Belknap Campus, Chair Angela Lewis-Klein, presiding.



A&S: Ginger Brown, Marian Vasser, Cynthia Jeffery BUSINESS: Erica Gabbard DENTISTRY: Laura McKinney, Jackie Wells, Vickie Tencer, Nancy Trabue EDUCATION: John Morgan GRAD SCHOOL: Jackie Fryer KENT SCHOOL: Kim Rogers LIBRARIES: Rachel Hodge MEDICINE: Miranda Sloan, Lihua Zhang, Kent Gardner, Tracy Pender, Lisa Hatter, Donna Bottorf, Angie Buck, Andrea Robinson, Ruby Keith, Leslie Cooper, Alex McWilliams, Shelly Reid, Patty Moon, Will Armstrong, Diane Dougherty, Ellie Fridell, James McCracken, Bailey Baines NURSING: Karen Rose PROVOST’S OFFICE: Linda Leake, Erika DeSha, Valerie Casey SPEED SCHOOL: Wendy Metcalf VP-ATHLETICS: Meg Peavy, Sabrina Haug, Matthew Banker VP-FINANCE & BUSINESS AFFAIRS: Rhonda Gilliland, Sandy Russell, Steve Colston, Sally Molsberger, William Taylor, Paul Eitel, Carla Meredith, Jill Riede VP-COMMUNITY ENGAGEMENT: Susan Jenkins VP-HEALTH AFFAIRS: Gary Southard, Caroline Stephens VP-HUMAN RESOURCES: Katherine Doaty VP-INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY: Kathy Brashear, Melissa Shuter VP-RESEARCH: Ann LaPerle, Angela Lewis-Klein VP-STRATEGY & GENERAL COUNSEL: Carol Norton VP-STUDENT AFFAIRS: Laurel Hajek, John Smith VP-UNIVERSITY ADVANCEMENT: Bonnie Dean


A&S: Brett Hirsch EDUCATION: Shannon Frey LAW: Angela Beverly MEDICINE: Tatyana Tarakanova, Amy Reid, Sherry Gainous MUSIC: Debby Kalbfleisch PRESIDENT’S OFFICE: Tammy Lawson PROVOST’S OFFICE: Will Adamchik, Wes Partin PUBLIC HEALTH: Vicki Lewis SPEED SCHOOL: Patti Williams VP-FINANCE & BUSINESS AFFAIRS: Aaron Graham, David Schlaegel, Kim Noltemeyer, Stephen Cotton



Faculty Senate Representative: Bob Staat

SGA Representative:

ULARP Representative:

PRESS: Janet Cappiello (UofL Today)

Staff Senate Coordinator: Gretchen Henry


CALL TO ORDER – Lewis-Klein

Determining the presence of a quorum, Chair Lewis-Klein called the meeting to order.

ACTION ITEM: Approval of the June 8, 2015 meeting Minutes – Lewis-Klein

There was no discussion of the June 8, 2015 meeting minutes. They were approved unanimously as distributed.

REPORT: Faculty Senate Representative - Staat

Dr. Staat reported that the Faculty Senate met on July 1, 2015 and approved the Schnatter Center for Free Enterprise and the MA/MS in Interdisciplinary Studies: Sustainability; state revenues have increased to a surplus of $175M; the Board of trustees meets today; the state auditor will review the UofL Foundation processes and governance policy; administrative searches for provost and deans for Dentistry, Business, Speed and Kent will begin soon or, are underway.

REPORT: Student Government – Brandt

No report was made.


REPORT: Interim HR Director – Hughes

Ms. Hughes reported on several issues today: regarding the salary increase – all departments were asked to send their employees a letter of notification on the performance evaluation and salary increase; open enrollment is coming in October and there will not be any significant changes to benefits; there are 2 positions in HR that are open and she is recruiting for data processor and employee relations. She encouraged anyone interested to apply.



REPORTS: Staff Senate Standing Committees – Armstrong

    • Committees & Nominations (C&N) – Jeffrey

    Senator Jeffery read the rosters for all Standing and University-wide committees. A motion to approve the committee rosters passed unanimously.

    • Policy, Economics & Development (PED) – Metcalf

    This committee did not meet. Here is its Annual Report.

    • Services & Facilities (S&F) - Hurley

    Here is the committee's Annual Report.

    • Staff Grievance Committee (SGC) - Adamchik

    Here is the committee's Annual Report.

    • Staff Help & Assistance relief Efforts (SHARE) - Norton

    Here is the committee's Annual Report.

    • Staff Morale & Community Outreach Committee (SMCO) - Jenkins

    Here is the committee's Annual report.


      REPORT: Secretary-Treasurer – Tencer

      Senator Tencer reported that the figures for June are not final, but the current report is:

      Staff Senate General Fund: $6,237.00

      SHARE: $11,053.00

      TECH FUND: $2500.00


      REPORT: Staff Grievance Officer – Russell

      SGO Russell reported that there were no grievances as of last week, but over the weekend 3 grievances were filed.


      REPORT: Staff Senate Chair – Lewis-Klein

      Here is the Chair's Report.


      REPORTS: University-Wide Committees

      No University-wide Committee reports were made.



      At the end of the meeting a discussion took place on the governor’s recent appointments to the University’s Board of Trustees. Many senators felt that the new appointees do not reflect the diverse population of the University community and wanted to voice their displeasure. Chair Lewis-Klein said that the Staff Senate has no role in who the governor appoints to boards, but she will mention it to President Ramsey at the upcoming Board of Trustees retreat. It was suggested to write a letter to the governor expressing the sentiments of the Staff Senate. Senator Norton made a motion that the Staff Senate should draft a letter to express concern that the Board of Trustees does not have enough representation of women and persons of color. After a brief discussion of wording for the letter, Senator Norton withdrew her motion. Discussion continued on the appropriate language for the letter. Senator Vasser suggested that, because of the confusion caused by the impending storm, an ad hoc committee should be convened to study this issue. Senator Shuter agreed this could be a powerful opportunity to join forces with the faculty Senate and the SGA. Senator McWilliams said that more than 20 minutes is needed to do this properly and that it is very important to know to whom the letter will be sent to and to craft a well-written letter that reflects our constituents. Senator Eitel said that the appointments are probably not made lightly and would like to know the process on how choices are made. Chair Lewis-Klein said that anyone, as a citizen, not as an employee of UofL, can write the governor, but she will talk to leadership of the Faculty Senate and SGA about support for a diverse Board of Trustees.





      The meeting adjourned at 3:40 p.m.