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Information for the Staff of the University of Louisville


University of Louisville Staff Senate

University Club - Belknap Campus


Meeting Agenda

September 14, 2015 2:30 p.m.

NOTE: The order of the agenda is subject to change to accommodate our guests. Thank you.


Call to Order – Chair

Action Item:  Approval of July Meeting Minutes – Chair

Report:  Chief Financial Officer–  Mr. Harlan Sands

Report :  Interim HR Director – Ms. Jeanell Hughes

Report:  SGA Representative –  Kaylee Brandt

Presentation: HSC Shared Services Update – Gary Southard

Reports:  Standing Committees

  • Credentials & Nominations (C&N) – Cynthia Jeffery
  • Staff Morale & Community Outreach (SMCO) –  Susan Jenkins
  • Policy, Economics and Development (PED) –  Wendy Metcalf
  • Staff Grievance Committee (SGC) – John Smith
  • Services & Facilities (S&F) – Paul Eitel
  • Staff Help And Relief Effort (SHARE) – Carol Norton

Reports:  Other Break Out Sessions – Melissa Shuter; Aaron Graham

Report: Secretary/Treasurer – Vickie Tencer

Report:  Staff Grievance Officer– Sandy Russell

Report:  Staff Senate Chair

Reports: University-Wide Committees

Other Business