The John C. Klotter Scholarship

A scholarship, as per SPIAA requirements, will be awarded annually for the Spring and Fall terms of the Administrative Officers Course. 

The following criteria shall be established and strictly adhered to:

  1. The scholarship is only allowed for the current tuition amount of the Administrative Officers Course (AOC).
  2. The applicant/recipient must be a full-time sworn law enforcement officer employed by either a state, county, or municipal law enforcement agency and agree to remain in this position or a like position for a period of not less than three (3) years after successful completion of the AOC.
  3. Applicant/recipient must agree that should item #2 not be complied with in full, that the full amount of funds received will be reimbursed to the treasury of the Scholarship Fund.
  4. The applicant/recipient must be a first-line supervisor or above within his/her organizational structure.
  5. The applicant must make application for the AOC by June 30 for scholarships which will be awarded for the Spring and Fall term of the next calendar year. The applicant should express a desire for said scholarship funds.
  6. The application must be from the applicant and endorsed under separate cover, on departmental letterhead, by the chief administrator of the applicant’s organization demonstrating fiscal need for the scholarship funds.
  7. The amount of the scholarship funds will be assigned based upon the funds available in the Scholarship Fund, not to exceed the current tuition fee, as agreed upon by the Board of Directors of the Scholarship Fund and limited to two (2) students per calendar year.
  8. The applicant/recipient will not be eligible for funds if he/she is receiving other grant monies from outside their agency which are to be applied toward tuition.

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