Mounted Police Training Academy


About the MPTA

M.P.T.A.'s program is nationally recognized and designed with the mounted police officer in mind.  The program was developed in 1989 by Geiser Equine Inc and endorsed by the Southern Police Institute at the University of Louisville, Kentucky.   Mounted police training standards have been raised from the private commercial sector to the educational level. It is dedicated to the further development of law enforcement world-wide and is now under management of the Mounted Police Training Academy Inc. M.P.T.A. is endorsed by Geiser Equine Inc. as well as the Southern Police Institute.


MPTA's Approach to Training

"Create a partnership between the rider and horse."

We do this by utilizing the most current and effective training methods available today.  Understanding the dynamics of this partnership strengthens the bond between rider and horse and creates a competent and confident team.

Curriculum and Course Details

The comprehensive curriculum used by M.P.T.A., coupled with the vast training, knowledge, and experience of our staff of instructors, ensures you the best possible learning environment, at an affordable price.

Our courses are fully insured and held nationwide.  They can be scheduled locally to suit your needs.  We offer:

  • Basic Mounted Patrol Officer
  • Advanced Mounted Patrol Officer
  • Mounted Patrol Instructor
  • Mounted Posse
  • Refresher Courses

Who Should Attend?

Whether you're a seasoned mounted officer, an officer new to the world of horses, or a civilian interested in or currently serving in a mounted unit, we can offer you the finest mounted patrol training available today!



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What Our Graduates Are Saying:

"I have taken many other mounted police training courses and this one has the best curriculum. The material was presented in an easy to understand manner by professional trainers."

"Due to this class, I am now confident that our patrol unit will be a success."

"The material met and exceeded my expectations."

"It was educational, the instructors associated with individual horses and officers when needed. The class not only gave demonstrations and clear instructions, but also showed what work is needed."

"I am a new rider with a mounted patrol unit. This training was extremely valuable to me. The course covered a broad range of topics. I understood the cirriculm and gained a great deal of confidence in riding. The instructors were experienced and personable. I will recommend this course to others."

"This was a great course. There is a huge challenge balancing the needs, skill levels, and nuances of 12 different riders and 12 different horses, but you did an excellent job."

"For me, I thought the course was put together very well.I enjoyed practicing arrest techniques, shooting, and yes, even the fireworks."