SPHIS undergraduate students use board game to teach young people about healthcare and pandemics

 "What an interesting time to be a student of public health!” That’s how Terry Meiners began his interview with three undergraduate public health students—Chidum Okeke, Dennis Mashindi, and Mohamed Fara. Listen to Terry’s podcast and get to know three “impressive” young men who are also student health ambassadors with the Christina Lee Brown Envirome Institute. The main topic of their conversation was this year’s Thrivals program at UofL, led by Nat Irvin, II, DMA, Assistant Dean the UofL School of Business. Thrivals is a spin-off of the Idea Festival directed toward helping young people go deep to learn about a particular area. Dr. Irvin connected with Chidumm, Dennis, and Mohamed because he wanted to use gamification as a way to introduce the concept of healthcare economy to teenagers. The idea evolved into hosting two game tournaments using the Z-Man Games board game “Pandemic.” The tournament took place on March 8 at Story Louisville.


Courier Journal Article

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