CHOT: Year in Review

2020 was an extraordinary year. As a society, we were faced with COVID-19, one of the worst pandemics of the last century. As organizations and individuals, we were required and asked to adapt to constantly changing information and policies at the national and local levels. There was, and remains, much uncertainty about COVID and the way in which we as a society will move forward to ensure our collective health and safety.

The research environment at the Center for Health Organization Transformation (CHOT) has been no different. Alongside our university partners at Penn State, Texas A&M, University of Washington, and the University of Alabama at Birmingham, UofL has been working with our industry members to understand and address factors related to the global pandemic. Last spring CHOT hosted a virtual meeting featuring Dr. Christopher Murray, Professor and Director of the Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation at the University of Washington, and Dr. Mica Endsley, Former Chief Scientist of the United States Air Force, to better understand the state of COVID and how CHOT might collaborate to address relevant research questions. Our partners at Penn State University received a National Science Foundation grant that will allow CHOT to develop simulation modeling and analyses of human traffic and virus spread dynamics in spatial networks.

While pursuing research opportunities to support current and potential industry partners throughout the pandemic, CHOT remains focused on its core research pillars of Community and Population Health, Healthcare Services and Delivery Systems, Organizational Development and Transformation and Technology and Information Innovation. We maintain long-standing relationships with our partners at Humana Foundation, University of Louisville Hospital, Passport Health Plan by Molina Healthcare, and Ideas XLab and continue to grow our membership. We welcomed new partners DHL and Sanofi Pasteur in 2020. As part of the Sanofi Pasteur project, CHOT has gained national recognition for the RAPID Alliance Research Consortium, launched as a multi-stakeholder, multi-university research consortium designed to conduct transformational research to optimize medication therapies for U.S. populations. As part of our mission, CHOT disseminates research findings and lessons learned to industry partners and the academic community as a whole. Graduate research assistants play in active role in all UofL CHOT projects and, since 2018 when UofL joined CHOT, have served as first-author on five manuscripts and 18 presentations. You can see a full listing of CHOT peer-reviewed publications and presentations here:

UofL, Texas A & M and Penn State University spent much of the last year preparing and submitting a proposal to the National Science Foundation for an additional five years of support for CHOT. This fall, UofL will begin preparations for hosting the national CHOT meeting in Louisville in spring 2022. This annual meeting brings together academic and industry partners to share research findings, discuss practical solutions to these findings and develop new questions and plans for future CHOT projects.

The mission of CHOT is to advance the knowledge and practice of transformational strategies in evidence-based management and clinical practice. To learn more, please visit us at or

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