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2021 KPHA Presentations

Several SPHIS faculty members, students, and alumni are presenting their research during the virtual Kentucky Public Health Association (KPHA) 2021 Conference scheduled April 21-22.

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Title: Arts-based interventions and emotional wellbeing of the youth: A systematic review
Authors: Sonali S. Salunkhe, MD, MPH, Aishia Brown, PhD, & Theodore Edmonds, JD, MHA, MFA 

Title: Drug-related mortality in association with diversity, earnings and geographic elevation in Kentucky counties
Authors: Sonali S. Salunkhe, MD, MPH & Beatrice Ugiliweneza, PhD 

Title: Projecting COVID-19 Hospitalizations and Deaths under Scenarios of Vaccination in Jefferson County, Kentucky
Authors: Seyed M. Karimi, PhD, Ryan LaZur, MS, W.Paul McKinney, MD, Riten Mitra, PhD, Naiya Patel, B.D.S,MPH, Rebecca Hollenbach, MPH, CHES, Maik H Schutze, MHS, Hamid Zarei, MS, Bert B.Little, PhD, Natalie C. DuPre, ScD, YuTing Chen, MPH, MS, Sarah Moyer, MD

Title: Reported Symptoms of COVID-19 Cases by Age Groups in Jefferson County, KY
Authors:Natalie DuPre, ScD, Seyed Karimi, YuTing Chen, Riten Mitra, W. Paul McKinney, Bert Little

Title: Statues as a Reflection of Resilient Communities? A Case Study on the Louisville Metro Public Arts and Monuments Advisory Committee (PAMAC) Process, 2018-2020
Authors:David Johnson, PhD, MPH, CPH, Allison Smith, PhD, Angela Storey, PhD, Daniel DeCaro, PhD, Lauren Heberle, PhD, Victoria Clemons

Title: “Awareness, Practices and Concerns about Prescribing PrEP for HIV Prevention among Medical Providers in Louisville”
Authors: Nana Ama Bullock, MPH, Jelani Kerr, PhD, Ryan Combs, PhD, Carmen Mitchell, MPH

Title: “Contact Tracing at UofL: Slowing the Spread of COVID-19”
Author: Lydia Tanque

Title: “Developing a Professional Identity: A Grounded Theory Study of the Patient to Peer Support Transformation Process”
Author: Diane Zero, M.Ed

Title: “Impact of the Affordable Care Act’s Contraceptive Coverage Mandate on the Use of Contraception Among Privately Insured Women in the United States: A Systematic Review”
Author: Melissa Eggen, MPH

Title: “Utilizing the Kentucky Environmental Public Health Tracking Network Data Portal to Promote Data Analysis in the Classroom”
Author: Arshi Chopra, BSc


Date/Time: Thursday, April 22 | 10:15 AM – 11:15 AM   
Title: Grant Writing and KY Tracking: Improve Your Grant Writing with Data and Evaluation
Authors: Rhiannon Simon, MPH; Brittany Saltsman-Bell, MPH, CPH (SPHIS alumna)

Date/Time: Thursday, April 22 | 4:30 PM – 5:30 PM         
Title: Kentucky’s COVID-19 Community Vulnerability Index (CCVI): Utilizing GIS Mapping to Promote Equitable Distribution of Resources
Authors: John Egbo, MPH; Rhiannon Simon, MPH; Brittany Saltsman Bell, MPH CPH (SPHIS alumna)


Title: County and Regional Projections of COVID-19 Trends in Kentucky
Authors: Seyed M. Karimi, PHD; Hamid Zarei, MS; Ryan LaZur, MS; Bert B. Little, PhD; W. Paul McKinney, MD; Natalie C. DuPré, ScD; Riten Mitra, PhD; YuTing Chen, MPH, MS; Naiya Patel, MPH; Sonali S. Salunkhe, MD, MPH; Rebecca Hollenbach, MPH, CHES; Sarah Moyer, MD; Maik H. Schutze, MHS

Title: Observing Mask Use in the Jefferson County, KY: Results from Stratified Random Sampling Studies
Authors: Seyed M. Karimi, PhD; Sonali S. Salunkhe, MD, MPH; Kelsey B. White, MDiv, MSc; Bert B. Little, PhD; W. Paul McKinney, MD; Natalie C. DuPré, ScD; Riten Mitra, PhD; Shaminul H. Shakib, MPH; YuTing Chen, MPH, MS; Emily R. Adkins; Ahmed A. Alobaydullah, MPH; Sahal A. Alzahrani, MPH; Julia A. Barclay; Emmanuel Ezekekwu, MPA; Caleb X. He; Dylan M. Hurst; Aravind R. Kothagadi, MBBS, MPS; Martha M. Popescu; Devin N Swinney; David Johnson, PhD; Rebecca Hollenbach, MPH, CHES; Sarah Moyer, MD

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