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Derrick Mitchell, MPA

Trinidad Jackson imageYouth Violence Prevention & Research Center
Lyles Mall
671 S 28th St, Louisville, KY 40211

Phone: 502 963-7909

Office Hours: 9 a.m. - 5 p.m.

Derrick L. Mitchell, MPA is a thirty-seven-year-old native of New Jersey. Mr. Mitchell attended Kentucky State University and graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in marketing as well as a Master’s Degree in Public Administration. After graduation, Mr. Mitchell resided in Louisville, Kentucky where his career flourished. Mr. Mitchell is an active mentor in the Louisville community and coaches recreational activities while providing case management for high risk young men and women in his spare time. Mr. Mitchell is also a business owner of 1921 TMLLC, where he helps business owners start and expand existing businesses as well as an author of his own book. Mr. Mitchell has had many previous job experiences that has played a major role in who he is today. Before becoming the Youth Coordinator for Youth Violence Prevention Research Center, Mr. Mitchell previously served as a community outreach specialist for the office of Safe and Healthy Neighborhoods where he began working with Cities United traveling to extract violence prevention models from Mayors offices all over the country. Some of those cities and states include Oakland, California; Minneapolis, Minnesota; Milwaukee, Wisconsin; Raleigh, North Carolina; Cleveland, Ohio; and Detroit, Michigan; and Miami, Florida. With the relatability to transform lives, Mr. Mitchell has also provided programming at the Jefferson County Juvenile Detention Center in Louisville, Kentucky to over eighty young boys teaching fundamentals of entrepreneurship and black history. Mr. Mitchell also had the opportunity to subcontract with the University of Louisville’s Kent school of Social Work with a grant study called For Your Child as a key lead facilitator since 2015. This program allowed Mr. Mitchell to provide parenting, relationship-building, and communication skills to cohorts across Kentucky. In addition, Mr. Mitchell has been a caseworker in Pivot of Peace for over three years, acting as a progressive activist for non-violence. With this opportunity, Mr. Mitchell has rehabilitate over one hundred fifty young men-giving measurable outcomes of employment, education, and residential opportunities while producing fluent productive law-abiding citizens. Lastly, Mr. Mitchell has played a major part in is community as a member of the Black Male Achievement Campaign,  being a member/participant of the Million Man March initiative, a mentor for at-risk youth through the Right Turn program, and is also a dedicated member Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity Incorporated.

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