Christopher E Johnson, PhD

Christopher E Johnson imageHealth Management and Systems Sciences
Professor and Chair
485 E. Gray St., Room 109A
Louisville, KY 40202
Phone: 502-852-3987
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Background Information

Christopher E. Johnson, Ph.D. is a graduate of the US Naval Academy and received his PhD in Health Services Research, Policy, and Administration from the University of Minnesota Dr. Johnson is best known for work that seeks to understand how health care organizations impact health care outcomes for Veterans, underserved populations, and the elderly. He was in the first group to be awarded a VA Health Services Research & Development Merit Review Entry-level Program Career Development Award.

His early work focused on the provision of care within medical groups within managed care environments, which resulted in two national best paper awards, including one from the AcademyHealth. He examined quality indicators and the impact of litigation on nursing homes in Florida and in the United States. He has led and participated in grants funded by the National Science Foundation, The Commonwealth fund, Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality, VA Health Services Research & Development, State of Florida’s Agency for Health Care Administration, Novartis, and HealthGrades, Inc.

Dr. Johnson serves on multiple committees for the Association of University Programs in Health Administration (AUPHA).

Research Interests

Organization theory, health services access, quality improvement, long-term care

Current Projects

National Science Foundation Center for Health Organization Transformation (CHOT)

Selected Publications

Johnson, C.E. and Nguyen, A.M. (2014) “The Department of Defense and Veterans Affairs: Responsibilities and Policies (1947-present)”. In Health Care Policy. Chapter 8. DWJ Books: Sag Harbor, NY

Johnson, C.E., Bush, R.L., Harman, J., Bolin, J., Hudnall, G.E., and Nguyen, A.M. Variation in utilization of health care services for rural VA enrollees with mental health-related diagnoses. Journal of Rural Health. (2015) Jul;31(3):244-53

Kash, B.A., Spaulding, A., Johnson, C.E., Gamm, L.D. Relevancy of the Resource Based View in Healthcare Strategic Management: A Comparative Case Study. (2014). Journal of Strategy and Management. 7(3):251-264.

Kash, B.A., Spaulding, A., Johnson, C.E., and Gamm, L. Success factors for strategic change initiatives: A qualitative study of healthcare administrators’ perspectives. (2014) Journal of Healthcare Management. 59(1): 65-81. PMID: 24611428

Kash, B.A., Gamm, L.D., and Spaulding, A.C., Johnson, C.E. Leadership, Culture, and Organizational Technologies as Absorptive Capacity for Innovation and Transformation in Healthcare: A Framework for Research. (2013) Change Management: An International Journal 13(1): 1-13.

Kash, B.A., Spaulding, A., Gamm, L., and Johnson, C.E. Health care administrators’ perspectives on the role of absorptive capacity for strategic change initiatives: A qualitative study. (2013) Health Care Management Review. 38(4):339-48.

Hyer, K., Thomas, K.S., Johnson, C.E., Harman, J.S., and Weech-Maldonado, R. Do Medicaid incentive payments boost quality? Florida’s Direct Care Staffing Adjustment Program. (2013) Journal of Aging and Social Policy. 25(1):65-82.

Weech-Maldonado, R., Laberge, A., Pradhan, R., Johnson, C.E., Zhang, Z., Hyer, K. (2012) Nursing Home Financial Performance: The Role of Ownership and Chain Affiliation. Health Care Management Review. 37(3):235-45.

Hyer, K., Thomas, K.S., Branch, L.G., Harman, J.S., Johnson, C.E., and Weech-Maldonado, R. (2011). The Influence of Nurse Staffing Levels on Quality of Care in Nursing Homes. The Gerontologist. 51(5), 610-16.

Bookvar, K.S., Santos, S.L., Kushniruk, A., Johnson, C., and Nebeker, J.R. (2011) Medication reconciliation:  Barriers and facilitators from the perspectives of resident physicians and Pharmacists. Journal of Hospital Medicine. 6(6), 329-37.

Kash, B. A., Naufal, G., Cortes L., and Johnson, C. (2010).  Intent to leave and actual turnover among registered nurses in nursing homes. Journal of Applied Gerontology. 35(3), 246-55.

Johnson, C.E., Lemak, C.H., Hall, A.G., Harman, J.S., Zhang, J., and Duncan, R.P. (2010) Outsourcing administrative functions: Service Organization demonstrations and Florida Medicaid PCCM program costs. Journal of Health Care Finance. 37(1), 1-12.

Kash, B. A., Naufal, G., Dagher, R. K., and Johnson, C. E.  (2010) Individual factors associated with intentions to leave among directors of nursing (DONs) in nursing homes.  Health Care Management Review. 35(3), 246-55.

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