Art, Essay & Infographics Contest

Inaugural Medication Literacy Day, “Educate Before You Medicate” 

Mayor Greg Fischer has declared May 2, 2021 as Medication Literacy Day, “Educate Before You Medicate”.  This is a collaborative community initiative to bring awareness to the importance of medication literacy to all members of society who use any type of medication, vitamin, supplement, or herbal supplement. With the unprecedented level of medication use across the Commonwealth and our nation and, even young adults experiencing very high levels of polypharmacy, it is important for each person to be able to predict, understand and manage medication effects, side effects, and risks.

Students entering the competition will have the opportunity to be a positive advocate for medication literacy with their family and within the community,” said Darrell Griffith, “Dr. Dunkenstein”. “Medication Education is important to all of us. The medication education program provides a platform to encourage students to pursue education and degrees in the health sciences & public health.”

Art, Essay & Infographics Contest

The contest runs June 1, 2021 -  July 31, 2021

In recognition of Medication Literacy Awareness Day, sponsored by Passport Health Plan by Molina Healthcare, the UofL Frazier Polypharmacy Program is hosting an Art, Essay & Infographic Contest. The contest is open to students in grades 5 through 12 in public, private, and home school programs in the Commonwealth of Kentucky.

The contest aims to promote awareness on the importance of Medication Education and to inspire students to be a positive advocate for medication literacy with their family and within their community. The competition is an excellent opportunity for middle through high school students to showcase their artistic and creative talents. To have medication literacy, is to have essential knowledge and understanding about the medications you use, work with, and/ or interact with. Without medication literacy, it is difficult to use medications effectively and safely yourself or in society.

We encourage teachers and parents to make this contest a summer enrichment activity. Please discuss participation in this contest with your student, providing the opportunity to watch the online modules. We encourage students to consider personal experiences or events; conduct research on this topic. Students may have conversations with parents, grandparents, godparents, other relatives or friends to develop their entries.

Medication Literacy Checklist

The theme is Educate before you Medicate. Students entering the competition will refer to the Medication Education Program’s on-line modules relating to the Medication Literacy Checklist for inspiration for their submission. The aim of the medication literacy project is that everyone knows the "3Ws and AIM" for every medication, supplement, herbal product and vitamin they take. Your work should reflect your understanding of one or more of the Medication Literacy Checklist item(s).

Medication Literacy Project Checklist

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