Selected Faculty Publications

  • Little, B. B., Ignasiak, Z., Slawinska, T., Posluszny, P., Malina, R. M., & Wiegman, D. L. (2017). Blood lead levels, pulmonary function and agility in Polish schoolchildren. Ann Hum Biol, 44(8), 723-728. doi:10.1080/03014460.2017.1387284
  • Randall, I., Maynard, C., Chan, G., Devine, B., & Johnson, C. (2017). Assessing the effect of the VHA PCMH model on utilization patterns among veterans with PTSD. The American journal of managed care23(5), 291–296.
  • Spaulding, A., Kash, B. A., Johnson, C. E., & Gamm, L. (2017). Organizational capacity for change in health care: Development and validation of a scaleHealth care management review42(2), 151–161.
  • Bewley, L. (2017). Power and Politics (pp. 113 - 121). Health Organizations: Theory, Behavior, and Development, Volume 2, Burlington, Massachusetts: Jones and Bartlett Publishers
  • Blakely, C.H., Little, B.B. (2018). “Black in Louisville.” IN Findley, A., Reynolds, S.N., Pryor, L.E. (eds.). The State of Black Louisville: The Health Perspective.   The Urban League: Louisville, Ky, 105-107, 164 pp.
  • Esterhay RJ, Bohn JM: Introduction: Population Health as the Center of Community Life. In Population Health: Management, Policy and Technology. Esterhay RJ, Nesbitt LS, Taylor JH, and Bohn JM (Eds.), Convurgent Publishing, Virginia Beach, Virginia, 2017 pp 1-26.
  • Esterhay RJ, Nesbitt LS, Taylor JH, Bohn JH, Editors. Population Health Second Edition: Management, Policy and Innovation. Virginia Beach, Virginia: Convurgent Publishing; January 27, 2017. 692pMoyer, S. (2017, 12/22/2017). Physicians are needed to build a healthier Louisville | Opinion. Courier Journal. Retrieved from
  • Moyer S., (2017) We Need Your Help to Solve Louisville’s Opioid Crisis, Louisville Medicine, 65 (3), 6-7.
  • Moyer, S., & Skolnick, J. (2017). Electronic Cigarettes, Hookah and Louisville’s Smoke-Free Ordinance. Louisville Medicine, 64(8), 8,10

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