Funded Projects



CIK Infrastructure

KentuckyOne Health

2015-2019Monica Wendel

Adolescent Diversion Program

KentuckyOne Health


Monique Ingram / Jelani Kerr

Health Care Access and Utilization

KentuckyOne Health 

2015-2018Monica Wendel/ Susan Buchino

MHA Program

KentuckyOne Health Christopher Johnson

West Louisville Health Literacy Project

KentuckyOne Health

2015-2018Monica Wendel/ Ryan Combs

Workforce Capacity and Data Standardization

KentuckyOne Health /
State University Partnership  

2015-2019Monica Wendel/ Susan Buchino

Youth Violence Prevention Research Center

CDC National Center for
Injury Prevention & Control

2015-2020Monica Wendel/ Monique Ingram

Jewish Heritage Fund for Excellence Health Literacy  Campaign

Jewish Heritage Fund for

2015-2018Ryan Combs

Pivot to Peace Evaluation

KentuckyOne Health
Master Agreement  

2016-2018Monica Wendel/ Trinidad Jackson

Early Health Detection and 
Intervention Program Evaluation 

CIK2016-2018Liza Creel

Mountain States Genetics  Regional 
Collaborative Evaluation 

Mountain States Genetics
Regional Collaborative

2017-2020Liza Creel

Pathways to Homelessness


2017-2019Susan Buchino

CCTSJR - LGBTQ Adolescent Health in Louisville: An Approach to Identify and Access Local Priorities

Cooperative Consortium for Transdisciplinary Social Justice Research

2017-2018Ryan Combs

CCTSJR - Examining Stigma, Stress and HIV Care Utilization Among African American Elders

Cooperative Consortium for Transdisciplinary Social Justice Research

2017-2018Jelani Kerr

Bridge Kids International

Bridge Kids International

2017-2020Aishia Brown

Green Dot Evaluation

Center for Women and Families

2017Monjca Wendel/ Trinidad Jackson

Project HEAL Evaluation

The Humana Foundation

2018-2019Monica Wendel/ Susan Buchino

Summer Health Professions Education Program (SHPEP)

University of Louisville

2018Aishia Brown

Increasing Pre-exposure Prophylaxis among High-risk African Americans in Louisville, Kentucky

Jewish Heritage Fund for 

2017-2019Jelani Kerr

Type 2 Diabetes Patient Costs

Kentucky  Department of Medicaid

2018-2020Bert Little

Preparing for Value-based Purchasing Quality


Kentucky  Department of Medicaid

2018-2020Christopher Johnson/ J'Aime Jennings

Behavioral Parent Training for Families with Deaf and Hard of Hearing Preschoolers

UK / NIH National  Institute on Deafness & Other Communication Disorders


2018-2023Liza Creel

Project Uncaged: Youth Detention Services Programming

Cooperative Consortium for Transdisciplinary Social Justice Research

2018-2020Susan Buchino/ Aishia Brown

KY EHDI Family and Community Engagement (FACE) Project Evaluation


Kentucky Cabinet for Health & Family Services / Maternal Child Health Bureau

2017-2020Liza Creel

Louisville Law Enforcement Assisted Diversion (LEAD) Pilot Evaluation


Louisville Metro Government / Bureau of Justice Assistance



2017-2020Liza Creel and Susan Buchino

Kentucky Medicaid Monitoring

Kentucky Voices for Health

2018-2019Susan Buchino

Study on Facility Construction

Coalition for the Homeless

2019Susasn Buchino

Communities Helping the Hearing of Infants

National Institutes of Health

2019-2024Liza Creel

Nourishing Food Literacy

The Food Literacy Project/USDA

2019-2020Aishia Brown

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