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Graduate degree-holding statisticians and biostatisticians are highly sought after in the marketplace, so there are many career opportunities for M.S. and Ph.D. statisticians and biostatisticians.  The American Statistical Association career center is an excellent resource for learning about careers in statistics, and the Stattr@k website has many resources for current students and recent graduates of statistics programs.  You can also read through the ASA’s Salary Reports to learn what to expect after completing a degree.  Locally, the University of Louisville Career Center has valuable information on career development and job advertisements.

We’ve compiled a list of websites that regularly advertise job openings in statistics, which we hope you will find helpful.  Note that the listings at the University of Florida, University of Washington, and Purdue University are for statistics jobs around the country, not just statistics jobs for those respective universities.


The above listings tend to skew toward academic jobs.  Those seeking non-academic employment in statistics or biostatistics or encouraged to search job listings from companies in industries that typically employ biostatisticians like insurance (Aetna, Elevance, etc.), pharmaceutical (Eli Lilly, Roche, etc.), government (the Census Bureau, National Institutes of Health, etc.), or others.

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