Wanzhu Tu, PhD, Professor of Biostatistics, Department of Biostatistics, Indiana University School of Medicine

"A multivariate semiparametric regression model and its application in studies of hypertension"

This research is motivated by a series of mechanistic studies of hypertension. Levels of blood pressure are to a large extent determined by kidney’s ability to retain sodium. Extracellular fluid volume and activities of sodium retaining hormones are the main regulators of blood pressure. But the effects of these biological factors on systolic and diastolic blood pressure are often nonlinear, and they tend to interact with each other. To accommodate, I developed a multivariate semiparametric regression model and used bivariate thin plate spline surfaces. Necessary estimation and inference procedures are also developed. With the aid of the developed method, I comparatively examined the mechanisms of blood pressure regulation in blacks and in whites.

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