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Infection Control Competencies

The Infection Prevention and Control Competencies project aims to identify the core competencies and the terminal objectives that should be practiced by all healthcare personnel during routine performance of their job responsibilities. If this is part of the foundation of practice, amplification of those actions during time of a crisis can be reasonably expected.

The initial project focuses on outlining the core competencies and terminal objectives for hospital-based healthcare workers (e.g. physicians, nurses, respiratory therapists, laboratorians, clinical nursing assistants, physical/occupational therapists and environmental services workers).  Using a Delphi Panel of experts, a list of competencies and objectives derived from the literature will be circulated in order to clearly and completely articulate the competencies and objectives then assign them to the categories of healthcare workers.  Upon completion, an advisory committee consisting of academia, industry, and strategic partners will help translate and disseminate the final competencies and objectives.
Competencies Project Work Plan

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