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CNC Machining


EC400 4-axis Horizontal Mill

  • Machine typically used for high-end production jobs where multiple parts are needed.
  • Used in automotive industries and heavy manufacturing companies.
  • Dual pallet changer allows operator to set up multiple jobs while they are being machined.

VM3 5-axis Vertical Mill

  • Most common machine for CNC manufacturing.
  • The VM3 can be made into a 5-axis machine with a Trunnion Table TR1605XB supplying the 4th and 5th axis.
  • Comes standard with 24+1 side mount tool changer that swaps tools in 2.8 seconds.
  • Commonly seen in mold and die shops and production facilities.

SL30 Lathe

  • SL-30 is a CNC Lathe with automatic bar feeder.
  • Machine used for cylindrical parts featuring high details in high production environment.
  • The Servo Bar 300 Automatic Bar Feeder is designed to boost productivity and streamline turning operations.
  • The Servo Bar 300 accuracy of ±0.005" feed length without dead stop.

VF2 3-axis Vertical Mill

  • Most common milling machine for CNC manufacturing.
  • Commonly seen in mold and die shops and production facilities.

TM2 4-axis Toolroom Vertical Mill

  • Used for job shops, tool rooms, maintenance repair and light production. 
  • Operates in three modes: manual, combined manual/CNC and full CNC.


TL2 Toolroom Lathe

  • Operates in four modes: manual, semi-automatic, manual/CNC, and Full CNC.
  • Programmed using standard G code.
  • Allows operator to run manually or automatic mode for small production runs.
  • Used for the turning of various cylindrical parts out of multiple materials.
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