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Ancillary Equipment

Mold Press

Injection Mold Press

  • 45 ton Cincinnati Milacron - 2.5 ounce shot size
  • Produces plastic injected molded parts in a variety of materials such as
    nylon and polypropylene
  • Machine equipped with Dart RJB process control scanner which enables
    the operator to monitor injection velocity and pressure to automatically
    control the injection molding process.


Dynisco Melt Flow Test

  • Test polymer flow characteristics
  • Melt flow rate is very commonly used for evaluating polymers for quality
    control and their degradation in the molding process


Microtrac S3000

  • Laser base particle size analyzer
  • Measures particles from 0.4µ to 1400µ


Electronic Discharge Machine

  • The Agie Elox Mondo Star 20 EDM Numerically controlled die sinking
    EDM machine has X,Y,Z, and C servo controlled axes.
  • It has a machine travel of 300 mm x 250 mm x 250 mm and can handle
    an electrode of up to 25 kg.
  • It is used for creating complex details in core/cavity inserts.
  • Uses a graphite electrode to erode material for complex shape and high
    detailed parts with a smooth surface finish.
  • Can be used on a variety of tool steels/aluminums.

High Cube

High Cube II

  • The High Cube II Vertical Lift Module (VLM) uses high density storage
    to optimize space and increase productivity.
  • The High Cube II takes advantage of vertical space above the floor.
  • Two fully enclosed towers of stacked trays arranged on shelves.
  • Stored product remains stationary as a movable extractor platform
    automatically travels a center aisle.
  • The High Cube II pulls a tray and delivers it to the operator at an
    ergonomically correct workstation.
  • Tray return is automatic when you request another location.
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