RSC Charge

1. Charge

The committee shall serve as an advisory faculty body for the Dean on matters of research and scholarship. Guided by the Speed School Strategic Plan, the committee will initiate school-wide research activities, identify research facility requirements and coordinate activities of Research Area Faculty Groups. In addition, the committee will promote recognition of research and scholarship by identifying candidates for local, national and international awards and recognitions. The committee will report its recommendations to the Dean as needed.

Members of the committee, as specified below, will meet regularly with their Research Area Faculty Groups in order to identify and communicate research opportunities; identify facility, equipment, staff and faculty needs; mentor junior faculty researchers; create news items, announcements and promotional material; and invite speakers and visitors that will advance their respective research area. The committee shall report its activities regularly at faculty meetings.

2. Composition

The committee will consist of one member representing each Research Area Faculty Group, plus one ad hoc member to chair the committee and to represent faculty members who are not associated with a Research Area Faculty Group. The Associate Dean for Research will serve as a non-voting member.

3. Terms

Members will agree to serve at least three years, at the pleasure of the Dean.

4. Selection

Research Area Faculty Groups are established for each area of research excellence identified in the Strategic Plan and for the underpinning areas of a) materials and nanoscience, and b) engineering education. All faculty members who identify their research as aligned with one of these areas are members of this group. Each group will select an individual to serve as group leader and to represent the group on the Research and Scholarship Committee. The Dean will select the ad hoc member.