Research Awards

Awards for Fiscal Year 2019

Our faculty and staff have been doing exciting work in the fields of engineering.  This includes winning extramural funding for research and scholarly activities.  Below is a list of our successes since June 2018.  For more detailed information on research and innovation at the JB Speed School of Engineering, please visit our Research Productivity site or contact

Farag,AlyPIElec & Computer EngNational Science Foundation(Supplement) SCH:EXP: A Quantitative Platform on CT Colonography$16,000
Gupta,GautamCO-IChemical EngineeringNational Science FoundationThiosemicarbazone based materials as electrocatalysts for the hydrogen evolution reaction$474,477
Bai,LihuiPIIndustrial Engineering


Kentucky Transportation Cabinet


Mapping LCMS to Visual Evaluations and Modeling Pavement Deterioration using LCMS data for Kentucky Roadway Systems



  • Sun,Zhihui
CO-ICivil & Environmental Eng
McCracken,ElisabethPIKy Pollution Prev. CtrKy. Dept. for Environmental ProtectionUofL Pollution Prevention Program$28,000

Ancora Heart, Inc.

Physician Training of the AccuCinch Ventriculoplasty System


Inanc,TamerPIElec & Computer Eng


National Science Foundation


SCH: EAGER: Personalizing Drug Delivery Through Clinically Relevant Modeling and Control



  • Zurada,Jacek M.
CO-IElec & Computer Eng
Ghasemi Fare,OmidPICivil & Environmental EngNational Science FoundationFundamental investigatory on interaction of Temperature, Pore Water Pressure and Pore Fluid Flow$260,427
O'Toole,MartinCO-IBio-EngineeringQualigen Inc.AS1411-Linked Gold Nanoparticles (AS1411-GNP)$348,000
Rockaway,ThomasPICivil & Environmental Eng



Metropolitan Sewer District



FY19 IOAP Performance Assessment




  • Kazemi,Hamidreza
CO-ICtr for Intrastructure Res
  • Rivard,Joshua
CO-ICtr for Intrastructure Res
Atre,SundarPIMechanical Engineering


Techshot, Inc. (NASA prime)


Metal Printing in Space



  • Kate,Kunal
CO-IMechanical Engineering
Naber,JohnPIElec & Computer EngFetal Life, LLCTocodynamometer Project$22,900
Koenig,StevenCO-IBio-EngineeringInspired Therapeutics LLCDevelopment of a Universal Maglev Driver for Five Pediatric Cardiac and Respiratory Applications$75,112
Fu,Xiao-AnPIChemical EngineeringNational Institutes of HealthA Microreactor chip Platform for Quantitative Analysis of Unsaturated Aldehydes in exhaled Breath$226,587
Jasinski,JacekPIConn CenterU.S. Dept. of EnergyPhosphorene under intercalation and high pressure-pathways to novel materials and physics$159,026


National Science Foundation


PFI-RP: Development of Delivery Devices to Enable Cell Transformation or Preservation



McNeil,JacquelinePIEng FundamentalsNational Science FoundationCollaborative Research: Researching How You Teach Holistic Modeling (RHYTHM)$77,544
Atre,SundarPIMechanical Engineering


U.S. Department of Commerce


(LAMBDA): Innovate, Train and Commercialize Minority Business Enterprises in Additive Manufacturing



  • Kate,Kunal
CO-IMechanical Engineering
  • Keynton,Robert
Satyavolu,JagannadhPIConn CenterUS Endowment for Forestry & CommunitiesProcess and Product validation for prehydrolysis and xylose processes$115,500
Park,SamPIMechanical Engineering


Korea Institute of Energy Research


A Feasibility Study on Development of Flat Tube SOFC Technology Using 3D printing process



  • Kate,Kunal
CO-IMechanical Engineering
Satyavolu,JagannadhPIConn Center



An Integrated Approach to Utilize Soy Hulls in Modified Fiber Composites for 3-D Printing Applications...

  • Kate,Kunal
CO-IMechanical Engineering
Sunkara,MahendraPIChemical Engineering


Karuturi Global Ltd


Water from Air



  • Druffel,Theodore
CO-IConn Center
Popa,DanPIElec & Computer Eng



National Science Foundation



MRI: A Multiscale Additive Manufacturing Platform with Integrated 3D Printing and 3D Robotic Assembly Tools




  • Druffel,Theodore
CO-IConn Center
  • Harnett,Cindy
CO-IElec & Computer Eng
  • Hsu,Keng
CO-IMechanical Engineering
  • Walsh,Kevin
CO-IElec & Computer Eng
Elmaghraby,AdelPIComp Eng. & Comp SciNational Security AgencyA Scholarship Proposal for Cybersecurity Workforce Development$82,095
Gentili,MonicaPIIndustrial EngineeringGeorge Mason UniversityEAGER: ISN: Organ Trafficking:  Network Analysis and Optimal Interventions for Disruption$13,399
Saleem,JasonPIIndustrial EngineeringVHA Office of Informatics & AnalyticsUnderstanding User Needs and Context of Use for Health Information Technology$17,242
Bae,KihwanPIIndustrial Engineering



Countrymark Refining and Logistics, LLC



Analysis of Oil Collection and Distribution




  • Bai, Lihui
CO-IIndustrial Engineering
  • Gentili, Monica
CO-IIndustrial Engineering
  • Usher, John
CO-IIndustrial Engineering
Kopechek, JonathanCO-IBio-EngineeringNational Aeronautics and Space AdmEvaluation of Preserved Blood for Transfusion Therapy in Reduced Gravity$275,000
Bertocci, KarenPIBio-EngineeringAnn & Robert H.Lurie Children's HospitalShaken Baby syndrome Exoneration's Study$65,720
Richards, ChristopherPIMechanical EngineeringUniversity of Kentucky Res. Fdn.Combined Static and Dynamic Anti-Windup Architecture for Landers and Ascent Vehicles Experiencing Large Disturbances$15,918
Kopechek, JonathanPIBio-EngineeringNational Science FoundationI-Corps: Dry Preservation of Blood for Long-Term Storage at Ambient Temperatures$50,000
Giridharan, GuruprasadCO-IBio-EngineeringMyocardial Assist Systems & TechnologyDevelopment of a Sutureless LVAD Outflow Graft Anastomotic Quick-Connect System$97,620
Koenig, StevenCO-IBio-Engineering
Giridharan, GuruprasadCO-IBio-EngineeringCor Habere Corp.Left Atrial Appendage Closure Device with Catheter-Based Delivery for Patients with Non-Valvular Atrial Fibrillation$100,945
Koenig, StevenCO-IBio-Engineering

* Based on guaranteed funding.  Actual award amount may be larger.