Xiao-An "Sean" Fu

Assistant Professor, Chemical Engineering


Teaching Interests

Dr. Fu's teaching interests include Chemical Engineering Analysis or Advanced Mathematics in Chemical Engineering, Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics, Materials Science, Chemical Reaction Engineering, Chemical Microsystem. Semiconductor materials and solar cells.

Research Interests

His research interests focus on microreactors simulation and design, using microfabricated microreactors for analysis of trace volatile organic compounds, breath analysis for disease biomarker discovery, microfabricated gas sensors, and microelectrodes for environmental and biomedical applications. The goals of his reserach projects are to identify biomarkers of lung cancer and tuberculosis in exhaled breath, urine and blood plasma for early diagnosis. He is interested in obtaining fundamental understanding of transport phenomena and reaction kinetics in microreactors and the sensing mechanism of microsensors. He is developing innovative techniques for non-invasive diagnosis of diseases including lung cancer and tuberculosis.

Service Experience

He likes to review manuscripts for scientific journals and research proposals for funding agencies. He also enjoys to serve as a judge for high school student science fair and undergraduate student research competition at the AIChE annual meeting.