Lihui Bai

Assistant Professor, Industrial Engineering


Dr. Lihui Bai received her Ph.D. in Industrial Engineering from the University of Florida in 2004. Dr. Bai holds her BS and MS degrees in Computational Mathematics from China. Prior to joining the Speed School of Engineering at U of L, Dr. Bai taught operations management, statistics and management science at the School of Business of Valparaiso University, IN.

Academic Experience

Dr. Bai's teaching interests include Operations Research Methods, Foundations of Optimization, Advanced Topics in Linear Programming and Network Flows, Numerical Optimization, Models and Analysis of Logistical Systems, Supply Chain Optimization, and Transportation in Logistics.

Research Experience

Dr. Bai's research interests are centered around applying operations research and quantitative systems modelling to areas such as transportation network design, supply chain and logistics, and energy systems.