Research Awards

Awards for April 2019

Our faculty and staff have been doing exciting work in the fields of engineering. This includes winning extramural funding for research and scholarly activities. Below are this month's announced awards. Visit our fiscal year awards page for a list of all our awards for the current fiscal year.

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Lian, YongshengPIMechanical EngineeringUniversity of Kentucky Res. Fdn.High Power Rocket Design and Competition at Intercollegiate Rocket Engineering Competition$15,000
Neal, HeidiPIAcademic Student Support SrvKy. Dept. of EducationSTLP Student Technology Leadership Program Showcase 2018-19$4,500
Hsu, KengPIMechanical EngineeringNextGen AeronauticsAdaptive and Smart Materials for Advanced Manufacturing Methods- Phase II$149,998
Keynton, RobertPIBio-EngineeringXLerateHealth, LLCSoutheast XLerator Network$49,255

* Based on guaranteed funding. Actual award amount may be larger.