MEMS Testing and Packaging Laboratory

This 900 ft. laboratory is used to package and test microelectronic devices, microelectromechanical systems (MEMS) and micro/nano devices fabricated in the U of L Micro/NanoTechnology Center’s (MNTC) cleanroom. The lab includes a full complement of utilities, including deionized (DI) water, vacuum, and compressed air. This research and instructional facility contains numerous post-processing pieces of equipment appropriate for the packaging and assembly of MEMS and microelectronic devices.  Additionally it contains many high-end electronic instruments for device testing, characterization, imaging and inspection.


Shumaker Research Building, Room 213

Major Equipment

  • Zygo Optical Profiler
  • QFI Mid-wave Infrared Thermal Imaging System
  • Lapmaster Wafer-level Polishing System
  • High Power Optical Microscopes with Digital Camera
  • Stereo Microscopes with cameras
  • 3 Kulicke & Soffa Wedge and Ball bonders
  • Disco Diamond Dicing Saw
  • Wafer mount station
  • TCR Measurement System
  • 4-Point Probe Conductivity System
  • Cascade Probe Station with heated stage
  • 2 Wentworth DC Probe Stations
  • Environmental Chamber, Wafer Mount Station
  • Curve Tracers
  • Digital Scales
  • Semiconductor Parameter Analyzer
  • Desktop SEM
  • LCR Measurement System
  • Power Supplies, Multi-meters
  • General Electronic Test Equipment

Core Scientific and Technical Staff

  • Director: Dr. Kevin M. Walsh
  • Associate Director: Dr. Shamus McNamara
  • Lab Manager: Julia Aebersold, Ph.D.
  • Technical Support: Don Yeager, Curt McKenna, Evgeniya Moiseeva, Ph.D., Xiaojin Wang, Ph.D.
  • Administration: Wendy Metcalf (Business Manager), Mary Watson (Administrative Support)

    For More Information

    For more detailed information on capabilities please visit our website at . You can also contact the facility via e-mail at or phone  at (502) 852-1572(502) 852-1572.