MEMS Computer-Aided Design Facility

Eight high-end workstations located in the Shumaker Research Building are dedicated to running a suite of commercial software packages used for the design, simulation + layout of MEMS and microelectronic devices. CoventorWare© is a MEMS finite element modeling software which has modules for simulation of mechanical, electrical, thermal, and fluidic phenomenon in the micro regime.  Both pre-processing (model design and generation) and post-processing (simulation and data extraction) is accomplished on the workstations.  The workstations are also equipped with Tanner Tools including L-EDIT for device layout, Silvaco software for semiconductor fabrication simulation, IntelliSuite for MEMS design & modeling, and T-Spice Software for circuit modeling. In addition, the licensing configuration for the software effectively allows campus-wide access to the software, which is particularly advantageous for inspecting results at locations away from the more powerful systems.


Shumaker Research Bldg. Room 226

Core Scientific and Technical Staff

  • Director, Dr. Kevin M. Walsh
  • System Programmer, Dr. Thomas Roussel
  • Lab/Software-Use Supervisor, Ana Sanchez

Computer Facilities

The CoventorWare© software is installed on a 2.8 GHz Intel Pentium IV workstation with one GB of RAM and 200 GB of disk space for data storage and a similarly configured 1.4 GHz Intel Dual Xeon® system.  A 700 MHz Intel Dual Pentium III and a 1.8 GHz AMD Dual Athlon MP, each with one GB of RAM are dedicated to students' use.  The CoventorWare© software is currently licensed to the University through 2014

In addition to the CoventorWare© software, the lab has 20 licenses for Athena (Silvaco), a semiconductor fabrication process simulation package.  The MEMS research group also has 10 L-EDIT (Tanner) licenses for layout generation, 15 IntelliSuite licenses for MEMS desing & modeling, 2 T-Spice (Tanner) licenses for circuit modeling, and a site license of LabView® (National Instruments) for data acquisition.

For More Information

Contact Ana Sanchez via email or phone (502)852-1568