Mobile Information Networks and Distributed Systems (MINDS) Lab


108 J.B. Speed Building


MINDSLab is to further the advancement of mobile computer communications and its application throughresearchand graduate education.MINDSis dedicated to the vigorous pursuit of new techniques that will lead to high-quality, multipurpose mobile communication networks. We envision a global wireless infrastructure independent of the underlying architectures.MINDS will play a major role in serving the interests of academia, industry, government and standards organizations.

Areas of Research in Data Mining

  • Dynamic routing
  • Data encoding
  • Compression techniques
  • Developing in the areas of wireless and telecomunication industry
  • Wireless logistics research
  • Wireless telemedicine research

Core Scientific and Technical Staff

Dr. Anup Kumar,  Director

Dr. Rammohan Ragade, Co-Director

More Information

For more information about the MINDS Lab please email Dr. Kumar ata0kuma01 @ , or visit the lab's website: