Chemical Microsystem Laboratory


Ernst Hall Room 211

Core Scientific and Technical Staff


About the Lab

The Chemical Microsystem Laboratory is used to study chemical microreactors, microseparator gas sensor array or electronic nose, biosensors and solar cell devices. We apply MEMS microfabrication technologies to fabricate these devices in the Micro/Nanotechnology Cleanroom at the University of Louisville. The devices are used for analysis of exhaled breath, urine and blood plasma. The main objective of this laboratory is to identify biomarkers or fingerprints of diseases including cancers, tuberculosis, COPD, heart diseases and to develop non-invasive diagnostic tools for early detection of these diseases. This laboratory has software   for MEMS sensor design and simulation and has facilities of high temperature and harsh environment gas sensor testing, electrochemical cells, GC-MS, HPLC, testing of microfabricated photovoltaic devices, and tools for separation and detection of trace volatile organic chemicals in air and breath analysis.

Laboratory Equipment

  • BASi Epson electrochemical system;
  • Lindberge Furnace (1600 oC)
  • HP 5890 Gas Chromatography
  • HP 5973 Mass Spectrometer
  • Signatone probe station and probes
  • Micromanipulators, Keithley 6200 and 4200 Source Meters
  • Omega temperature control unit
  • Oil free vacuum pumps;


    The Lab’s research goal is to develop non-invasive diagnostic tools for early detection of diseases and education goal is to train future chemical engineers in chemical micro/nanotechnologies.

    Outreach and Community Engagement Activities

    AIChE undergraduate student poster competition, projects for DuPont Manual High school student science fair

    For More Information

    Detailed information on the Lab’s research themes, industry partnership activities, personnel, facilities, outreach, educational workshops and conferences, and much more can be found online and via our newsletters available. Contact via or by phone at (502) 852-6349.