Computational Intelligence Lab

The CIL supports research and graduate instruction in machine learning, neural networks, computational intelligence and intelligent data analysis.  Current and recent research topics of interest include:  Understandable Data Mining Techniques, Decompositional Methods, Secondary Protein Structure Prediction via Decision Trees and Extraction of Biologically Plausible Rules in the PSS, Computational Intelligence Tools for Medical Diagnostics and for Drug Delivery and Data Mining Using Computational Intelligence Techniques.

Research Productivity

A list of research projects and publications can be found at the lab's website via the following links:


For More Information

Detailed information can be found online and via the lab's website @ Contact the facility director, Dr. Jacek M. Zurada, via phone (502) 852 3165(502) 852 3165 or via email at

In 2014 Dr Jacek M. Zurada serves as IEEE Vice President - Technical Activities. Visit his VP-TA page.


We are currently looking for new graduate students. University Fellowships are available for PhD students on competitive basis click here. For information about visiting research opportunities click here.