BioImaging Laboratory


Lutz Hall Room 304, University of Louisville, Belknap Campus

The BioImaging Laboratory was established in August 2006 at the University of Louisville and is committed to excellence in research and teaching. The Lab has direct computer network access through a well-established policy that enables data acquisition and transfer to various parts of the university campus as well as outside. The Lab hosts unique and modern hardware for computing and visualization. The laboratory is located in the Lutz Hall Building.


Research Focus

The primary focal point of the BioImaging Lab is to develop and implement innovative and ground-breaking techniques for use in image-guided surgeries and the creation of non-invasive image-based diagnostic systems, which can help to revolutionize the early diagnosis of numerous diseases and brain disorders. The work of the BioImaging lab has achieved worldwide recognition and is helping to pave the way for upcoming cutting-edge medical systems.

Research Projects

  1. Development of techniques for the early diagnosis of lung cancer, based on analyzing the growth rate of detected lung nodules found in CT images
  2. Development of techniques for the early diagnosis of Autism, based on using magnetic resonance images to analyze various brain structures (e.g.,brain cortex, corpus callosum,...)
  3. Development of techniques for the early detection of acute renal rejection, based on using dynamic magnetic resonance images
  4. Development of image based systems for the early diagnosis of prostate cancer using non-invasive diffusion magnetic resonance images
  5. Development of image based systems for the early detection of heart failure using tagged, cine, and late contrast magnetic resonance images

Contact Information

Dr. Ayman El-Baz, BioImaging Director

Lutz Hall, University of Louisville
Room 423, Louisville, KY, 40292
phone: (502) 852-5092